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RadioShack Now Selling the iPhone 5s for Only $99


Looking for a great deal on an iPhone 5S, even with the looming specter of a possible new iPhone or two being released by Apple? If so, then read on. Read on…

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Apple Now Selling Refurbished Retina iPad Minis

ipad mini sale

For the first time ever, Apple is offering refurbished iPad mini with Retina display tablets online. Read on…

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Apple Reportedly Integrating Shazam Into iOS 8


According to new reports Apple is set to integrate the Shazam app to the upcoming iOS update, giving iPhone and iPad users the ability to determine what song they are playing at the moment. Read on…

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Supposed iPhone 6 Cases Suggest Design Changes for Apple’s Flagship Device


Rumors concerning Apple’s iPhone 6 are never in short supply and, of late, reports of the iPhone’s power button moving from the upper edge to the right of the device have really heated up.  Read on…

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Review : iSkin Claro for iPhone 5/5s

CLRO5S-CR2 (2)

One of my favorite cases for the iPhone over the last few years has been the iSkin Claro…well, when I’m not going commando. With the latest version of the iSkin Claro, it’s hard to tell the difference anyways. Read on…

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T-Mobile Offering LTE iPads for the Price of WiFi-Only Models With Free 4G LTE Data


T-Mobile has announced new Un-carrier deals with one focused squarely on Apple’s iPad. Read on…

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George W. Bush’s Painting Skills Honed on an iPad


Former President George W. Bush’s painting obsession first began with sketches on his iPad using the popular app Penultimate.  Read on…

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Apple Confirms No Heartbleed Vulnerability for iOS, OS X, or ‘Key Services’


Apple has released a statement confirming that iOS, OS X, and “key services” are not affected by the OpenSSL vulnerability known as Heartbleed. Read on…

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iOS Users Spend 32% of Their App Time on Games


Android and iOS users in the US spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes every day using apps on smartphones and tablets (up just four minutes compared to last year). Read on…

Review : Zen IcePen Stylus


Anyone who has read this site for a while knows that I’m a pretty big supporter of stylus options for the iPad. Sure, almost everything is easily done with a finger and the screen when using the iPad…with the exception of artwork and writing. These two things require something a little more functional, and thankfully, many are providing solutions….solutions like the Zen IcePen Stylus. Read on…

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