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In Case You Missed – 12/18/2014


In Case You Missed It

There is always so much going on in the world of technology and Apple, that sometimes things fall between the cracks.

Here are a few stories I’d like to toss in your direction.

New or old, just in case you missed them. Read on…

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The iPhone 6 Grabs Top Spot On Google’s 2014 Tech Search Trends

google search trends

Google’s end-of-year collection of top tech search trends finds Apple dominating the top 10 search items, with the iPhone 6 topping the list.   Read on…

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United Airlines Giving All Flight Attendants an iPhone 6 Plus

united airlines iphone 6 plus

Starting in 2015 United Airlines will be equipping all its cabin crews with the latest iPhone 6 Plus to help them carry out their onboard duties. Read on…

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Apple Releases New Holiday Ad: ‘The Song’


Apple has released a new 90-second holiday ad entitled “The Song”. Read on…

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Watch Penguins Playing iPad Games

penguin ipad game


Watch as penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific play an iPad game presented to them by aviculturist Sara Mandel. Read on…

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Review : Who Am I? for iPad


Who am I? is a quiz game for the iPad and iPhone. The game gives up to 5 clues for a hidden personality and the user tries to guess the answer. The quicker you can guess the answer, the higher your score will be. There are over 1,000 personalities to discover from characters, singers, actors, and more. Read on…

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iOS 8 Adoption Climbs to 63%


Adoption of Apple’s iOS 8 continues it’s upward climb with the operating system now installed on 63 percent of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Read on…

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Apple Adds New Apple TV Channels, YouTube App Revamped


Apple TV has been updated with new channels and a revamped YouTube app. Read on…

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I Finally “Get” Hue.


Over a year ago my wife bought me a Hue starter kit. I liked it and was interested in it, but after setting it up and having the “new” factor wear off, I have to admit I eventually felt let down. It stayed mostly unused in our living room for the next year. Then one day I decided to move the bulbs. Read on…

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Apple Maps Gets 9 New Flyover Locations


Apple has added 9 new locations to their Flyover feature in Maps.  Read on…

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