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Apple Launching 12.9-Inch iPad in Early 2015

12-9 Apple iPad

Stop me if you heard this before: Apple is prepping a larger iPad, slated for release in early 2015 Read on…

August 31st in Apple, iPhone, iPhone 6 by

Apple Inks Deal with American Express for iPhone Payments System

american express

Apple’s long-rumored foray into the mobile payments business may soon about to become reality.  Read on…

August 30th in App Reviews by

Quick Review : Star Walk 2


I was a huge fan of the original Star Walk for the iPad. It was one of the best and most impressive apps I had ever used…and is even one that I would show off to users looking at the iPad for the first time back when it first came out. Now the makers of the app are back with Star Walk 2 and it is a beautiful update to the award-winning original astronomy application. Read on…

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Apple Confirms iPhone 6 Event for September 9th

apple iphone 6 event

That’s right, the event we’ve all been waiting for is (almost) finally here.  Read on…

August 27th in Apple, iWatch by

Apple Will Reportedly Unveil iWatch on September 9


Apple has repeatedly said this fall will be a big one for the company and it looks like it’s all going to start with some huge product reveals in September. Read on…

August 27th in Apple, iPhone, iPhone 6 by

The Best iPhone 6 Leak Ever

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.55.51 AM


This “iPhone 6″ leak and review is the most hilarious video you’ll watch all day. Enjoy. Read on…

August 27th in Apple TV by

Apple TV Gains Showtime Anytime


Today an update for the Apple TV was pushed out to users and it added two new channels. Something that’s been happening more frequently lately…a huge plus for Apple TV owners. Read on…

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LA Schools Halt Contract for iPads

iPad Education

Los Angeles schools have suspended a contract with Apple to provide an iPad to each of its students due to repeated problems and growing scrutiny faced by the $1 billion project. Read on…

August 26th in Apple, iPhone, iPhone 6 by

Apple iPhone 6 to Feature ‘Phosphorus’ Co-Processor

iphone 6

New iPhone 6 reports indicate the device will pack a powerful successor to the energy-saving M7 motion coprocessor. Read on…

August 25th in App Reviews by

Quick Shot : Swing Copters

Click To Enlarge

When Flappy Bird took everyone by surprise and became the amazing App Store hit of 2014, no one, not even its creator Dong Nguyen was ready for it. Users struggled through the levels, hated the game, loved the game, hated the game, but it spread fast. All of a sudden everyone was playing, and then, everyone was addicted to it. So what does the creator of such a popular game that is earning him money do…he pulls it from the App Store. Why? He claims it was “too addictive” and that people were losing too much time playing it, and it probably didn’t help that he was receiving horrible tweets and comments from users. Read on…

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