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5 Reasons to Buy iPad 2


Many, including yours truly, purchased the first generation iPad.  Having done so, you may be wondering why spend the money to purchase iPad 2?  Here are 5 great reasons why one should purchase iPad 2, and in doing so, once iPad 2 hits your hands, making you glad you did so.

Not one, but two, cameras:

A complaint levied by many when the first iPad came out was the lack of a camera.  For those looking to engage in video conferencing or who desire to capture pictures and video when using a tablet the iPad was unable to aid users.  Apple’s announcement of iPad 2 brought two cameras to the iPad, making video conferencing, FaceTime calls, picture and video capturing a reality.


The original iPad was fast, but it’s speed seems snail-like compared to iPad 2.  With the A5 chip, iPad makes watching video, playing games, and accomplishing any task lightning quick.  Don’t believe the hype?  Head to an Apple Store or ask a friend who has iPad 2 to let you take it for a spin and discover the speed you’re missing if you don’t have iPad 2.

Weight Loss:

The original iPad was thin and light.  iPad 2 makes the first iPad seem like a hulking, bloated, beast.  The “heaviest” iPad 2, the WiFi+3G model weighs 1.34 lbs. (607g) and is .34 in. (8.8 mm) thick.  iPad 2 represents a 33% decrease in size over its predecessor, which weighed 1.6 lbs. (730g) and was .5 in. (13 mm) thick.  The size difference is noticeable when held in one’s hands.  iPad 2 simply feels smaller and is more conducive to holding for long periods of time.

Smart Covers:

If size, or lack of it, matters to you, Smart Covers go hand in hand with iPad 2‘s smaller size.  iPad 2 with a Smart Cover doesn’t add bulk to its thin, light design. Moreover, lifting the Smart Cover wakes your iPad instantly and closing it puts your iPad to sleep.  The Smart Cover may be the most tremendous addition to the iPad announced by Apple on March 2.

65,000 apps:

There’s not much to say here.  Android’s Honeycomb tablet OS has less than 20 apps designed for it.  Owners of iPad 2 have access to 65,000.


If you’re still on the fence about upgrading your iPad, or purchasing one at all, iPad 2’s features make it a no-brainer if you’ve got the means to shun your first iPad, or pull the trigger on your first tablet device purchase.

Have you purchased iPad 2?  If so, what features enticed you most?  If you’ve yet to purchase iPad 2, will you?  Why/why not?

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  • notanidiot

    It’s funny because you all like Apple which makes you dumb.

  • Yeye_420_bumblebee

    Flash is causing the I pad to crash and memory stall, so I have heard. I am waiting for an app that will allow e book reading on school websites as well, apparently apple and schools are working to fix this issue.

  • Mistawow

    I agree with you on the smart cover, it does not work well at all as a stand, i am seriously thinking of things I could buy to make a great stand for it! what a rip off for 40.00!

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  • Samy

    I loved the iPad, and love even more the iPad2. As a frequent traveller FaceTime is a key requirement, especially for my family. The only thing we need go fix is having flash on the iPad’s

  • Alidsadrad

    man i bout my i pad 2 moths ago

  • Alidsadrad


  • Anonymous

    Lately, I’ve seen a lot more iPad 2s popping up on I think with the new manufacturing deal Apple has signed with AUO, it won’t be too long before it won’t be too difficult to find an iPad 2 in store.

  • Kiernan vd

    but where can i buy one now….
    Here’s a link to check bestbuy walmart and target inventory for your local stores.

  • R3dskins

    Good read but I take issue with the glowing comments on the “smart” cover…. I am an iPad1 user and recently bought my ipad2 along with a smart cover. Frankly it’s the most useless thing that apple has ever made. I doesn’t protect the device, and does not effectly function as a stand, only a prop. It’s the first apple product I’ve ever returned and felt truly ripped off…. And for $40?!?!?

    Now, the ipad2 ROCKS and I LOVE everything else you mentioned about it and agree…. But the smart cover does NOT deserve the “apple” name.

  • Ki

    My iPad 2 is my first entry into the tablet world and my second Apple product (iPhone 4). Price was also a factor which locked me into iPad mania. My must adored iPad 2 feature is the multi gestures. No, this feature is not enabled out-of-the-box however no jailbreak is necessary. Search google for instructions. The multi gestures allow me to switch apps on the fly with simple swipes left or right. This may seem like a mundane feature but it’s great when juggling apps is necesary. The dual core chip truly performs well for a snappy iOS experience. Unlike other high ticket items I’ve purchased in the past, I have zero buyers remorse with my iPad 2.

  • Rstisme

    I Owned the IPad and I absolutely loved it so when I heard they were coming out with the iPad 2, that included faster speeds, better graphics and cameras, it was an easy decision to up grade. The first iPad was so awesome that making it even better meant there was no way I couldn’t love it even more. The difference is defiantly worth the upgrade, I was one of the lucky ones that got their hands on the new iPad since day one, I have been watching the hype with a smile on my face because I know first hand what the hype is all about and it defiantly deserves the attention. I upgraded due to the fact that the app store has been releasing more powerful apps each day and I know that with the release of iPad 2 they will be even more so and I want to be able to run them at top performance. Then as I said above I knew I couldn’t go wrong. There was this one game I had downloaded for my first iPad called Sam and Max, I had played these games before and liked them and I knew they would be perfect for the iPad. Unfortunately the game was so choppy I could not play it, I had seen lag such as this before while trying to run a game on a pc that was not quite capable of playing it, so I waited for my iPad 2, the difference was remarkable. It ran so smooth and looked amazing, I’m very glad I upgraded! FYI: I wrote this on my iPad 2!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice analytics, all are dead on reasons, seems I should think ove again to buy an iPad 2 or not :D
    As I also found some cool tips for enjoying movies on the ipad in this ipad Column.

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