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Adobe making Flash iOS friendly


It’s well documented that Adobe Flash isn’t welcome on iOS devices.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen have gone back and forth concerning the technology, with consumers sitting on the fence as to whether it is an feature they’d like on their iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch.

After the squabbling, it appears Adobe is willing to cry, “uncle,” in revealing it will add support for HTTP Live Streaming to its Flash Media Server at the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters trade show.

The announcement means Adobe will support the Apple-created technology, used to send live and pre-recorded audio and video to iOS devices.  Moreover, Adobe also is submitting the technology for consideration as an Internet standard.

For publishers who use Flash video, the new option will allow for streaming of video to iOS devices without the need to re-encode.  For consumers with an iOS device, more video content should soon be available for viewing.

Throwing its support behind HLS seemingly validates the claims of Steve Jobs and makes Adobe’s claim that it needs Apple’s support to make Flash better for iOS devices appear like an empty claim.

HLS isn’t a cure-all, but it does ease some of the issues with iOS devices complete lack of support for Flash.  This means Web advertisements, certain animations, and Flash-based games will still not work on iOS devices.

iOS devices and their lack of Flash support does not appear to have harmed sales of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, therefore it appears Adobe’s reversal of course is an indication that the company is aware that their current standard is in need of updating prior to slipping into complete irrelevance.

Does lack of Flash on iOS devices bother you at all?  Do you see the announcement from Adobe as a concession that Apple is right and Adobe is wrong?

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  • Rugs

    You dont need to imagine its call the Samsung Galaxy Tab,

    or any of the other tablets that support Flash etc.

    And Flash isnt the only  software that Jobs has locked

    out of the iPad / Phone, theres lots more. Makes me laugh that his reasoning is promoting open standards.

    While  only allows downloads for the istore of his own proprietary software, +30% cut on each paid transaction

  • Rob

    HTML 5 is all well and good but its a poor substitute compared to the power of flash. It just makes me hate Apple more.

  • Gavin Campbell-Wilson

    Just imagine the possibilities of developing websites for the iPad with Flash! The interactivity would be amazing!

  • Anonymous

    How do you charge 30% on a free app that will mimic the free flash content you have online? You sound like a butthurt flash developer who is starting to realize that his gimped platform is loosing. Face the facts, your investment into the flash platform has caused you to loose all forms of pragmatism. You cannot compete in today’s web atmosphere so you turn to blaming Steve Jobs for your loss of work. No one is hiring flash developers. Everyone is hiring people who have the experience needed to convert web sites into iOS compatible web sites. If you have any experience in economics, you would know that this is structural unemployment. Structural unemployment deals with unemployment based on a changing industry which makes certain workers skills obsolete (your flash coding skills are becoming obsolete). When the car was mass produced by Henry Ford, the horse and buggy workers were pretty pissed off. I am reminded of the old saying “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” If you want to work in technology, you must learn to become pragmatic.

    Suggested Reading: http://www.amazon.com/Pragmatic-Programmer-Journeyman-Master/dp/020161622X

    The kool aid reference is funny. It seems as if you drank the Flash kool aid long ago.

  • http://applesucks.squarespace.com Stephane Beladaci

    A wonderful, wonderful Objective C that allows you to build application that only work on iOS and are taxed 30% by Apple. I let you play with Objective C and in the meantime I will bring my client to all platform, all screens, all devices with one single code base at a fraction of the cost of developing proprietary native apps for each. And once again, stop the kool aid cause unlike what Apple wants you to believe, I get all the device features with Flash and AIR since recent releases, including all touch and gestures, accelerometer, multi-tasking, cameras, mic etc… There is a reason why Apple got borderline with the law to make that impossible (the change of TOS last year), bad news for Steve Jobs the European Competition Commissioner gave him two choices: reverse the change and let Flash compete or else. Apple reversed the change of TOS, end of the story, have a good day and now let’s compete in the market based on merit not scams!

  • Anonymous

    You are trying to push a dying “development” platform. Apple has an avenue for the big boys who want to make REAL (read: not actionSCRIPT 3) applications in their own programming language called Objective-C. In case you haven’t heard, this programming language can make wonderful applications. The good web developers have taken measures to facilitate their iOS users by either making dedicated apps on the app store or making their webpages iOS compatable. Lets look at Pandora. They are a flash based website. When the iphone didn’t support flash, they created an application on the appstore that does the same thing as their website. Last time i checked, their application does pretty well. With the app store, you do not need flash.

  • http://applesucks.squarespace.com Stephane Beladaci

    Let’s see by the end of 2011 who cares with 50 tablets supporting Flash on the market and well one tablet that does not!

  • Michael

    Who needs Flash? Video yes, Flash animations/apps… Definite no. Adobe Flash runs on dead baby juice. Destroyer of batteries, CPUs, and video cards. Flash is a CPU hog, and should go away. Learn to code Flash designers. (note: I said designers, not developers)

  • Chillman

    I wish that Flash was allowed on the ipad, as this is what we are looking at adopting for our primary students at school. There are many sites that we use that are flash driven and, unfortunately, won’t work on the ipads.

  • Karim_Temple

    What’s funny to me about this so-called war is that the battleground is iOS. Apple’s “war” on Flash has nothing to do with any pre-existing platform, INCLUDING MacOS. The reason it’s so funny is because what makes you think of it as a war is your unconscious acceptance of iOS as the de facto standard for mobile platforms. You’re angry that Flash is getting pushed out of the future of computing. You unconsciously believe that iOS is representative of the [near] future of computing.

    And so does the rest of the world. 85% of all tablets are iPads. That’s after Tegra 2 Honeycomb iPad killers have already been released. Apple is credited as being the first to market, but tablets have been out for almost 20 years and an idea since the 70’s. Apple just made tablets matter. And what people always seem to forget in these arguments is that while the iPad debuted last year, iOS has been a live platform since 2007. There was never any Flash. NEWSFLASH: FLASH NEVER MATTERED. I’ve been using iOS since 2008 and not once did I care about not having Flash. In fact, in the rare occasion I was even on a site that needed flash my typical reaction has always been “Really? You went with Flash just to make THAT?”

    BTW, Flash Vs HTML5? Come on. You know the right choice here. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

  • FreeFrog

    Like all my devices, I prefer to have it support as many formats as possible, so I’d love Flash to work for iOS. Is it vital? No. With HTML 5 evolving so quickly many of my clients are avoiding Flash on websites these days, because they consider iPhone/iPad viewing important.

  • Hadit

    Basically WHO CARES? Each to his OWN and I LOVE MY IPAD and IPAD2, returned several other types NOT an I tablet they were horrible. So leave the IPAD lovers alone and go invent something BETTER!

  • http://applesucks.squarespace.com Stephane Beladaci

    Well, what about the fact that Apple has been so desperate to maintain its artificial dominance (entirely due to the fact they got on the market first) by having anti competitive, illegal and arrogant behaviors?

    What about the fact that while Apple was desperately trying whatever it can to screw everyone (developers, businesses, publishers, advertisers and even its own customers) and destroy the web, Adobe has been laughing all the way to the bank by imposing its Flash Platform as the #1 application development platform that allows us, developers to build once and deploy everywhere?

    What about the fact that the mobile market is not driven by devices or platform or carrier but by us, application developers? Whoever controls apps controls the market.

    What about the fact that Steve Jobs attempted to kill Flash not because it is outdated but because it is too good and a threat to Apple’s “divide and rule” strategy and a direct threat to iTunes and AppStore?

    What about the fact that the European Competition Commissioner gave Steve Jobs a reality check by constraining Apple to reverse its change of TOS aimed at blocking the port of Flash application to iOS?

    What about the fact that FTC constrained Apple to approve Google Voice?

    What about the fact that Steve Jobs was recently ordered to testify in an ongoing antitrust lawsuit over iTunes which might very soon blow up to his face?

    What about the fact that yet another investigation is around the corner over the Apple Tax and the in-app / subscription scam?

    What about the fact that Apple broke its teeth trying to twist our arms (developers) to build for Apple first and Apple only? Even pushing as far as requiring us to develop on a Mac until the EU got involved?

    What about the fact that the ban of Flash in the browser is now back firing and making Apple’s devices ridiculously “has been” and isolated Apple in its corner?

    What about the fact that the entire industry rallied behind Adobe?

    That is what you get when you f*%ck with everyone and think you are so big that you can get away with it… Apple is big but not as big as the rest of the business and development world determined to bring it down as much for its arrogance and big mouth CEO than for its market advance or temporary dominance?

    What about the fact that Apple’s PR department is so desperate to keep the face that they try to reverse the situation and make everyone believe (something they are champion at) that they won the war?

    What about the fact that Flash’s mobile adoption is 2011 is going over the roof?

    What about the fact that no Flash in the browser is the #1 customer complain from iPad owners?

    Apple as we know it today is dying, long live the open web and multi screen apps.

    This is a blog post I wrote on Apple’s war on Flash last year:

  • Ztt316

    My simple thought is that most iPad users already have previous mobile tech on hand. I’ve got notebooks, desktops, etc that already allow me to search through any flash based content on the web.

    Not having flash on the iPad (G1) is no big to me.

    I can’t think of any flv clips that were so awesome my life would feel empty without seeing them.

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