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Amazon goes after Apple with ‘Three Kindles for the Price of an iPad’ commercial


With its prominent position in the smartphone and tablet markets, it’s no surprise that Apple is a popular target in its competitors advertising as they seek to differentiate themselves from Apple even as they ride on the popularity of the company’s brand and products.

In 2010, Amazon took on the iPad with a Kindle ad touting its E Ink capabilities that provide superior viewing in direct sunlight. Amazon has now revived the original concept addressing readability in bright sunlight but augmenting it by promoting the Kindle’s significantly lower pricing. The ad notes that customers can buy three Kindles for less than the price of an iPad, allowing everyone in the family to have their own device.

From the commercial below:

Man: Hey, excuse me. That’s the new Kindle, isn’t it? $79.

Woman: Best way to read, even in sunlight.

Man: Yeah, but I mean if you want to watch movies, or surf the Web…

Woman: I’ve got a Kindle Fire for that.

Man: Three Kindles. That’s got to be expensive.

Woman: Not really. Together they’re still less than that. (nods at man’s iPad)

With the Kindle Fire priced at $199 and the basic ad-supported Kindle priced at $79, two Kindle Fires and a Kindle would cost a total of $477, below the iPad’s $499 entry-level price. Apple has been rumored to be planning to continue offering the iPad 2 as a lower-cost option once the company introduces the iPad 3 early next month, but Apple almost certainly will not match or come close to the Kindle Fire’s pricing given the significant differences between the two devices.

What do you think of the commercial?  Effective or ridiculous given that for $79 one gets a Kindle that does nothing but allow one to read books?

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  • Diorfl21

    I will never leave Apple… I could have everything and more a Kindle offers with an app that happens to be free on the App Store! You get what you pay for !

  • Ggspromo

    umm Kindles are not expensive, that is a given.  They are being sold at a loss by Amazon as a loss leader.  I would rather have an iPad and a paperback for that rare occasion I am in the sun reading a book.  My son has a Kindle fire and they are well worth 199 but they are not nearly as good as an ipad2.  

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