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Best Apple iPad 2 data plan, Verizon or AT&T?

Now that Apple has announced iPad 2, featuring improvements across the board from the original iPad: increased processing speed, slimmer design, less weight, cameras and a gyroscope.

Even with the device’s improvements one thing remains the same, the price.  iPad 2 prices will be identical to those of iPad 1.

Unlike the original iPad which solely utilized AT&T’s data network AT&T data network, iPad 2 will be available through both AT&T and Verizon.  The question for consumers now becomes which wireless service provider will give you the best data plan?

According to Computerworld, Verizon will offer tiered monthly data plans:

  • $20 for 1GB
  • $35 for 3GB
  • $50 for 5GB
  • $80 for 10GB

AT&T offers two options (assuming of course you aren’t one of the fortunate ones grandfathered in with access to unlimited data at $25):

  • $14.99 for 250MB
  • $25 for 2GB

Exceeding your data limits with AT&T will cost one $10 per additional GB.

That said, it appears AT&T will provide the cheapest monthly rate, and for $5 more than, will offer an extra GB of data.

Another item of note concerning iPad 2, is how one pays for the data plan.   When launched, AT&T will allow iPad users to choose a postpaid plan whereby AT&T will add up your data usage and then add it to your monthly wireless bill.  Verizon will not offer such an option, keeping only the prepaid version.

Thankfully for consumers, neither company requires one to execute a contract for the data plan.

Which company will you choose data through if you purchase a 3G-enabled iPad 2?  What plan will you opt for and why?

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  • etienne’s etienne

    How can I get that?

  • applefan

    or just buy an Unlimited Sim for your ipad and get unlimited data for $25 every three months….

  • Adam Williams

    Go with Sprint or Verizon. AT&T is terrible.

  • Jack

    Yo dipshit, he’s saying that many hotspots around the US require you to have an AT&T account to access them for free.

  • Injinc94

    yo dipshit, the verizon one has wifi too

  • Charlie

    Of course, if you really want an unlimited ATT iPad plan, there are usually a couple for sale on ebay. The plans are grandfathered and transferrable. Of course, they arent free…

  • Charlie

    With browsing and email, it will be difficult to exceed 2Gb. I travel all the time and have an unlimited plan. In the last six months, i have exceeded it once and then only slightly. I thought Pandora or gps would be heavier than they are. Good luck!

  • Charlie

    I still say the unlimited plan is overrated. I have one and rarely use over 2gb in a month.

  • Jeff03055

    more time in “liberry” LIBRARY HAA hAA! OK, :) Anyways Sprint HOTSPOT works great! not bad for $30 UNLIMITED data. Verizon plan $35 bucks only 3GB or $50 for 5GB, $80 for 10GB

  • Jeff_cantspell

    Your spelling is atrocious. You should spend less time on gadgets and more time in the liberry :)

  • emc

    I have used the 250MB plan since November and it has been plenty for my email, reading news apps and other browsing. I only ran out when streaming a TV show without using WiFi.

  • Terry

    This is a great question. How many emails can you get with 250MB? How many hours can you surf the web with 2GB?

  • Rick

    Please do!! I hear you! It’s so ridiculous that we can’t take full advantage of the technology due to limited data plans!

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  • Jeff03055

    Just hooked up my new SPRINT account today closed my Verizon account.. $70 Everything plan and $30 UNLIMITED Data HOTSPOT. So Friday I buy my WiFi only IPad2 and i be ready to connect and use. :) UNLIMITED

  • Jaedite

    Well for me it’s Wifi all the way, the ipad 3g is not for me, esp. since I can’t get unlimited data plan!

  • Joehoe

    I have an iPad with AT&T. It’s the first generation, but it sounds like the similar way. I’m a college student, and Wi-Fi is everywhere on campus, so I only need 3G when I’m home on break or travelling. It’s so simple and easy. You sign up the day you want it, it will take about 5 minutes with credit card, then you have 3G. You get a 30 day package. When the 30 days are up, it automatically renews, so make sure you cancel your account on the 29th day if you’re done with it. No monthly fees, no activation or termination fees. Just $14.99 or $25. Make sure you cancel or it will automatically renew (in the iPad settings, it tells you how many days left). Also, make sure you wait the term out, because it cancels 3G the moment you press cancel (no setting to cancel at the end of this pay period).

  • Jeff03055

    I going to Sprint and for $30 buy there “HOT SPOT” for there smartphone and you get UNLIMITED Data for your Tablet threw WI-FI.

  • Jackel721

    my question is, will it have the ability to upgrade to 4g, when that becomes available? If not then I will use a sprint myfi and just buy the wifi version.
    Does anyone have any ideas on this at all

  • Baforer

    I assume you mean “Why is it that Adobe flash does not play on Ipad?”
    This was Steve Job’s decision. He said that Adobe flash was never designed to work in a touch screen environment, it is too buggy and causes Safari to crash, and is too inefficient so it shortens the battery time. Therefore he decided that IOS devices would not support it.

    The Skyfire Web Browser app can play most flash videos that are not able to be watched already.

  • Seun

    Why is it that Adobe flash does play on Ipad? You can’t open a flash site or any site that has flash with safari on Ipad. Is there any other option?

  • Mbguralnick

    how much data does one get when it says 2gb? the problem is determining what that really means. for simple email how fast would one get to 2gb? the problem for most of us without technical backgrounds is we have a hard time determining what amout of data is 2 gb, vs 3gb etc……

  • Anonymous

    Take your Ipads unlimited data plan to the Ipad2

  • El huerquillo

    Darn it!! I was one of the first persons who bought an iPad 1 and I didn’t get the freaking unlimited data plan when I had the chance!! because I was waiting for my iPhone contract to end, after waiting for three months to cancel my iPhone contract with AT&T I found out that AT&T changed their unlimited data plan for a limited 2 GB plan arrrrrrrrg that was a dirty move AT&T!! I got so angry!! Since I’m a heavy user!! With the unlimited data plan I used to use up to 13 GB a month!! With out worries!!! Now thanks to this dirty move from AT&T I have to be very careful now and not watch freaking videos or they will drain my data in about 5 days!! I had the hope that verizon would offer an unlimited data plan so I can move with them for the new iPad 2 but unfortunately for me and many other heavy data users they didn’t!!! They even have worse and more expensive plans!! Could you imagine paying around $162.00 dollars for the same data that we use to used with the 29.99 unlimited data plan that’s so unfair!! I wanna build a community of iPad users who disagree with this data plans and show AT&T, apple and now verizon that we want the unlimited data plans back by not buying the iPad 2! If you are planning to buy an ipad 2 but you dont like the data plans offered by both companies AT&T and Verizon show your support by not buying an iPad 2 until they change their actual data plans!!

  • BJStrong

    If you currently have a wireless provider such as Sprint you are better off buying the I Pad from Best Buy and just using your i.e. HTC EVO with 4G as your Hotspot. Unlimited Data for $25 a month, a no brainer.

  • Baforer

    I’m leaning to AT&T, but I am having trouble determining if there are activation fees, or termination fees. This is a concern for me since I only want the 3G service for it when I am traveling which isn’t very often.

  • Heyrob25

    I’m thinking the AT&T is the better option b/c AT&T 3G is faster than Verizon. Verizon may have better 3G coverage, but with AT&T you have access to free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. This is the biggest reason why I think I am going to go with AT&T.

  • Thomps

    it is 829, with 3g. with out its 699.

  • Wegwood

    $795 with 3G

  • Andrewysa

    for how much is the ipad 2 64 GB

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