Apple iPad Leads The Way 2010 Internet Trends

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Google, Twitter and Facebook have compiled and put up a list of global news events that were the most talked about on the respective services. Apples four products iPad, iPhone 4, iOS and MacBook Air made it to the top trending topics or searched term over Google, Twitter and Facebook. While Facebooks list looks more Facebook friendly with some weird term ranking high, lets take a look at the trends of Google and Twitter.

In terms of technology, the most buzzing word remains iPad. Despite the jokes and several other tablets released, this Apple product still manages to stir millions.

Apple released the iPad in January, iPhone 4 in June and finally the new MacBook Air in October this year. Amongst these three products, the iPad was the most talked about product for several reasons despite its several short comings. Notion Inks Adam tablet was titled to be an iPad-killer but the product hasnt seen daylight. Right, its available for pre-orders, but have you bought one yet?

Every year, Google publishes Zeitgeist results comprising of the global search trends that are generated automatically based on the billions of search queries conducted over a given period of time. The Zeitgeist 2010 lists iPad as the second fastest rising search query on a global scale which is followed by Twitter on the eighth place while Facebook manages to grab the tenth place. Narrowing down to consumer electronics, iPad tops the list and then follows iPhone 4. What really surprised me is that Google Android hasnt been listed anywhere. However, the HTC EVO 4G handset managed to rank fourth in the Fastest Rising query under Consumer Electronics.

Googles Fastest Rising Search Query Trends:

1. chatroulette

2. ipad

3. justin bieber

4. nicki minaj

5. friv

6. myxer

7. katy perry

8. twitter

9. gamezer

10. facebook

Now, in Twitters 2010 Trends list, Apple iPad bagged sixth position just above Google Android. That looks close, but the category-wise top ten Trends suggests that four Apple products iPad, iPhone 4, iOS and MacBook have managed to overshadow everything else in technology. However, Google Android does rank second while Google Instant enjoys the Tenth position in Top ten Technology Trends on Twitter. The popularity of the RockMelt browser that was released in November is surprising and ranks eighth in the list.

Twitters Top Technology Trends:

1. Apple iPad

2. Google Android

3. Apple iOS

4. Apple iPhone

5. Call of Duty Black Ops

6. New Twitter

7. HTC

8. RockMelt

9. MacBook Air

10. Google Instant

Facebooks Top Trends for year 2010 listed iPad and iPhone 4 at number four, above Justin Beiber. Im sure Justin is going to smash an iPad or iPhone 4 for his Facebook fans. The rest remains ceteris paribus, just like in the Top Trends list of Twitter and Google.

Facebooks Top Trend list:

1. HMU (hit me up)

2. World Cup

3. Movies

4. iPad and iPhone 4

5. Haiti

6. Justin Bieber

7. Games on Facebook

8. Mineros/Miner

9. Airplanes

10. 2011

Do you any of the lists surprise regarding where the iPad ranks?  What about any of the other items on the lists?  Anything they missed?

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