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Apple iPad is no savior. Newspapers will die


Newspaper sales have been hurt by the iPad and late last year it was reported that newspapers are dying because of the iPad.  Armed with that knowledge, it comes as no surprise that a new report indicates that even when embracing the iPad, newspapers are on a collision course with death.

PricewaterhouseCoopers indicates that digital magazines will prosper in the next 3+ years with rising to $611 million by 2015, an increase of 153 times the $4 million revenue of last year.

Conversely, Newspapers, by 2015 will “only” reach $331 million in revenue for the industry, merely doubling the $150 million made from digital sales in 2010.

According to Forbes,

“A gain of $181 million won’t be nearly enough to cancel out the decline in newspapers’ print circulation revenues, which will are forecast to fall from $10.2 billion in 2010 to $9.5 billion in 2015. Magazines’ print circulation intake, on the other hand, will slide just $445 million (from $9.2 billion to $8.8 billion), meaning the industry will actually see a net increase of $162 million in its circulation revenues.”

Do you consume magazines and/or newspapers on your iPad or iPhone?  If yes, have you shunned subscribing or reading the print version?  Why?

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  • Callmetigerlily

    I like e-versions also BUT what will I use to line the birdcages if newspapers die?

  • http://www.myipadapps.com Jamie Riley

    Newspapers might surprise if they can make their iPad papers have more interactivity like the magazines are able to do.

  • Travelingman00

    I live in Costa Rica. Mail subscriptions arrive late and damaged. Email mags are on time and in perfect shape. And Popular Science is an interesting combination of articles to read and videos to watch.

  • Jeffgeorge

    Dear Newspapers. What is our incentive for paying for a newspaper with news a day old? We can read up to the minute news online and there are apps like flipboard that re-purpose news content into a user friendly interface . Newspapers need to reinvent themselves to survive.

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