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Apple patent hints at advanced stylus for iPad

iPad Stylus

With Apple’s continued drive to make its iPad the must-have photography and design gadget, the idea of a digital pen seems plausible if not reasonably logical, and the tech world seems keen and has already dubbed it the ‘iPen’.

The news originates from a recently uncovered patent. According to the patent the iPen would use haptic feedback to mimic the tactile feel of pen on paper.

The patent states the iPen is “an input device capable of generating haptic feedback may help a user navigate content displayed on the display screen, and may further serve to enhance the content of various applications by creating a more appealing and realistic user interface.”

It’s thought that the iPen would use new haptic technology to generate a slight vibration if the user is applying too much or not enough pressure while drawing or writing.

The advanced stylus will also be able to mimic the sensation of a brush, even down to how thick the brush is.

It’s just the sort of technology, coupled with the high-resolution Retina Display, that is sure to make the new iPad the must-have gadget for creative individuals.

Whether the iPen will land on the next iPad, or released at all, remains to be seen.

Would you purchase an Apple iPen?



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  • Ricardoviti

    Yes I would

  • Niffer11043

    Yes. Great idea.

  • Mesarift

    Yes. The whole reason I haven’t bought an ipad is that there’s no pressure sensitive method of doing artwork on it. If I can control brush width with the pen, I’m in. (finally)

  • JoeNorth5

    Yes, depending on which design they choose. They have several teams working on this pen concept if you follow the news. I love multitouch, don’t get me wrong, but a stylus has it’s place for signing documents accurately, for quality doodling and combining quick graphics and writing in a way multitouch just can’t match. I may quickly want to draw a pie chart with a breakdown of my choosing at a meeting or play with an idea with a client and save it as a document for easy referral. I’d rather work with an iPad than a piece of paper, but for now I have to use pen and paper for my scribbles. 

    Some that Quote an old 2007 Steve Jobs line about not liking pens is moronic. Steve was pushing multitouch at that time as a primary form of operating a slate versus a pen. But Apple knows that secondary modes of operation are equally important and that’s why they spend so much time and money on developing a smart pen accessory. They get there’s a need going forward. Call it a large niche. But wasn’t Apple a niche player for the last two decades? That’s my 2 cents.  

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