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Apple to release upgraded iPad 2 in 2012 with iPad 3 to follow later in the year


Reports on the launch of the next iPad range from Apple releasing an ‘iPad Mini’ along with the iPad 3, to the company only launching the iPad 3 at some point in 2012.  According to a new report however, Apple’s next tablet will be an upgraded iPad 2 in early 2012, with the iPad 3 arriving later in the year.

The report from Digitimes claims the next iPad will be released in March of 2012, featuring better battery life, while being thinner overall.

Unfortunately for those desiring a a massive upgrade over the iPad 2, Digitimes believes the next iPad will only be an upgraded iPad 2, not the iPad 3.  The story goes on to claim Apple will then release the iPad 3 in third quarter of 2012.

Much like reports from July which proclaimed Apple would announce an iPad 2 Plus in September following the release of the iPad 2, It is difficult to believe Apple would launch a minor upgrade to the iPad 2 and then follow that up with the iPad 3.

What does seem likely is that the next iPad will feature better battery life, a modified form, the A6 processor, and possibly a Retina Display provided Apple’s suppliers can manufacture enough of the displays to suit Apple.

Do you think Apple will release 2 iPads in 2012?  If so, would you forgo purchasing the next iPad in hopes that another model will be released later in the year?  Offer your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Edgars

    With such strategy you will wait until IPad 3, then 4 …

  • Alfred Stephen

    I hope iPad 2 won’t get a minor upgrade. iPad 2 itself is a minor upgrade compared to the original iPad. I mean, if we look at iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, I can see that their predecessors are already a major upgrade. iPhone 3G brought increased storage, new design, and 3G radio over the original iPhone while iPhone 4 brought increased screen res, and new design. It’s hard to think of iPad 2 as a major upgrade. It basically just introduce a new design and upgraded processor (something that is a must on every Apple product update). I hope a retina-toting iPad 3 will come out early next year because I’ve already hold up on iPad 2 in anticipation for iPad 3.

  • Mauro Strozzi

    i don’t think there will be any more upgrade to iPad 2 since the major follow up called ios5 has been launched already, so I’m quite confident that the next big hit is going to be the iPad 3

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