AT&T allows grandfathered unlimited Data Plans to transfer to iPad 2

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Weve covered the differences between iPad 2 data plans offered by AT&T and Verizon.  Now another interesting twist to the story has occurred, one which should please some iPad owners using AT&Ts wireless data to power their 3G service.

According to an Engadget report AT&T has confirmed iPad users currently using the companys unlimited data plan will be able to transfer the service to iPad 2 when it launches March 11.

For those fortunate individuals, yours truly included, with the original iPad 3G and the unlimited $30 per month data plan, you can keep the plan when/if you get iPad 2. T

AT&T has confirmed those who currently have the unlimited data plan can keep it on their account when upgrading to iPad 2, meaning theres absolutely no reason not to continue the service unless youre looking at cutting wireless costs.

When iPad 1 launched AT&T offered the unlimited data plan priced for $30 per month.  Then, in a reversal of course a month later, the company indicated that the plan would be discontinued.  In its place AT&T offered a 2 GB plan at $25 per month, with consumers who had already signed up for the unlimited data plan were grandfathered in, permitted to keep that plan as long as they did not let their plan lapse or switch to a lower priced offering.

Do you the unlimited data plan through AT&T on your 3G iPad?  If you plan on purchasing iPad 2 will you keep the plan, or opt for an alternative option?