With the increasing demands in every aspect of life, we certainly look forward to ways that help us grow our money. Are there really ways in which we can let our money grow exponentially? Here are some ways that explore different avenues.

Before going into any kind of investment, identify your financial goals whether it is for a short term or a long term.  With thoughtful research, it can also save your taxes.

Fixed Deposits:

For the conservative investor, the safest method would be to invest his or her money in their banks which give moderate returns.  When we say fixed deposits, there are other ways too, which one can explore like the PPF and other government schemes, which lets the investor pay a fixed amount every month which works on a compound interest method. Moreover, it has tax exemption too!

Mutual Funds:

These are ideal for the investor who is willing to take up risk according to his level. The convenience of choosing the risk level works well with Mutual Funds. Moreover, it lets the investor choose the kind of payment he wants to allocate. It could either be a single payment or it could through SIPs that a person can invest.

Purchasing Shares:

Though this can give good profits, the investor has to analyze the market trends and has to foresee the future. The waiting period for the returns would also take its time.

Are risks and returns related?

The more one is ready to take risks, the more the profits might be. The investors need to analyze the trends and their capacity to take a risk and after having invested should also have a watch on their investments.

For the investor who can afford the waiting period, real estate, gold bonds, ETFs and IPOs are some options that can be considered.

There are certainly other factors too that should be considered when investing. Don’t place all your investments in one place. Try various investing methods and modes so that you are balanced financially.

For the daring ones, bitcoin code is definitely an option which could be explored.  Though many people are skeptical about how it works and the risks involved in it, it is certainly an option which could be explored. Try your hand at it at least once!

Who would not want money? Now is the time to start. Do your research, explore options, invest and prosper. But don’t forget that you also need to give adequate time for your money to grow.