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Review: Unread for iPad


There are plenty of ways people consume news on their devices. From social media apps, dedicated news apps, and apps like Flipboard. However, while an underdog and not mainstream, RSS is still my preferred method. It’s simple to use, quick to move through, and thankfully, even with Google Reader long gone, easy to setup using services like Feedly. The question after deciding to use Feedly or another like service it is, what app will you use to read the information it brings. Sure one could just use the service app, Feedly’s app is useable. That would be a mistake if you ask me though… (more…)

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Toca Town for iPad


In the world of apps for kids on the iPad, one company reigns supreme… Toca Boca. They’ve created the best apps for kids to play on the iPad, and they have a loyal following and user-base because of it. They’re back at it again, and let’s just say Toca Boca has out-done themselves with their latest app, Toca Town. While all their apps are great rules-free digital toys for kids, this one really is something special. (more…)

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FreeCell Fun, Play a Windows Classic On Your iPhone or iPad

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.08.48 PM

Remember freecell, the solitaire-based card game played with a 52-card standard deck on Windows devices? If you answered “yes” you’ll love FreeCell Fun, an app that makes it easy to play the famous card game on your iPad or iPhone. (more…)

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Sago Sago – Mini Space Explorer, and More…


There are few app developers who truly get the youngest of users, and Sago Sago is one of them. They’ve set out to create apps for toddlers aged 2-4, and have done a pretty remarkable job. Today is the release of their 9th app in the Mini Series, Mini Space Explorer. It’s a great little app, perfect for young minds, young thinking, and young imaginations. (more…)

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Review : Angus the Irritable Bull


When the iPad launched it didn’t take long for developers to realize its potential for great storybook apps for kids. In the following months the market on the App Store was bombarded with them, some good and some not so good. Over the last couple of years this trend has subsided somewhat. Not that developers have stopped creating them, but the pace of release seems to have calmed down a bit. Recently a new one, Angus the Irritable Bull, was brought to my attention and was submitted for a review. (more…)

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Review : Toca Pet Doctor


It’s been a little while since Toca Boca has had a new digital toy out for the iPad….or at least it feels like it. Thankfully, either way, my kids can enjoy a new app from the award-winning team that seems to get kids better than any other app developer out there. The latest app is called Toca Pet Doctor, and it lets kids nurture and care for 15 injured pets by offering assistance in treating wounds, and giving them plenty of love. (more…)

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Quick Review : Dream Flight


In the wake of the loss of Flappy Bird from the App Store, many users have taken to finding a good replacement. Regardless of how you feel about the game, it was a success, and the fact that clones of it are hitting the store left and right, and being downloaded a ton says something. Sure, it says some developers are money grabbers…but it also says that there is a market for this type of game. The simple and easy to understand game, that loads and plays quickly, without much thought, is appealing to many. One app that seems to have a similar premise to Flappy Bird, but is just different enough to make it enjoyable, is Dream Flight. If you’re missing tapping your way through a level, give it a look. (more…)

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Review : Numerical – Calculator Without Equal


Sure your iPhone comes with a calculator. Yes it’s free. Sure it’s available via the Control Center swipe up gesture. None of that matters if the tool isn’t the best one for the job. Developer Andrew J. Clark says, “People think numbers and calculators are a solved problem, sorted out since the 1960’s. I disagree.” He couldn’t be more correct. His answer to this problem is Numerical: Calculator Without Equal. It’s replaced the calculator on my devices, and quickly. (more…)

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Jawbone Up 24 Band and App


A little while ago I reviewed the Withings Pulse and its ecosystem for fitness and health tracking. I found the entire platform pretty great, and I still do recommend it. That said, the lack of a true band as opposed to a belt clip or pocketable tracker continues to hinder more mainstream adoption in my opinion. This is a personal choice for many, and the lose-ability of such a small item that goes into a pocket or clips to a belt just feels wrong I’ve been told.

Since my initial review, other companies have released updates to their existing lines, including the new Fitbit Force and Jawbone Up 24. Both look pretty great. Today I’m looking at the Jawbone Up 24. (more…)

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Review : Byword for iOS


With all the options available to users today in the world of writing apps, it’s a wonder that anyone outside the major players has a chance. Amazingly, these smaller teams not only have “chance”, they are taking enormous strides and at times better providing users with what they need for the job. (more…)

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