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Sago Mini Monsters for iPad Updated for Halloween!


Have a little monster at home? It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit with Sago Sago and the updated Sago Mini Monsters app on the iPad.

The free update lets kids add outfits and accessories to all their monster creations, feed them a variety of foods, and add colors as they see fit. It’s geared towards kids ages 2-4, but older siblings can have fun with it too. My kids and I have been creating mini monsters for the last few days and they’ve had a blast. Some things you just never out grow. (more…)

May 29th in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Toca Town for iPad


In the world of apps for kids on the iPad, one company reigns supreme… Toca Boca. They’ve created the best apps for kids to play on the iPad, and they have a loyal following and user-base because of it. They’re back at it again, and let’s just say Toca Boca has out-done themselves with their latest app, Toca Town. While all their apps are great rules-free digital toys for kids, this one really is something special. (more…)

May 15th in For Kids by .

Sago Sago – Mini Space Explorer, and More…


There are few app developers who truly get the youngest of users, and Sago Sago is one of them. They’ve set out to create apps for toddlers aged 2-4, and have done a pretty remarkable job. Today is the release of their 9th app in the Mini Series, Mini Space Explorer. It’s a great little app, perfect for young minds, young thinking, and young imaginations. (more…)

April 26th in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Angus the Irritable Bull


When the iPad launched it didn’t take long for developers to realize its potential for great storybook apps for kids. In the following months the market on the App Store was bombarded with them, some good and some not so good. Over the last couple of years this trend has subsided somewhat. Not that developers have stopped creating them, but the pace of release seems to have calmed down a bit. Recently a new one, Angus the Irritable Bull, was brought to my attention and was submitted for a review. (more…)

February 27th in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Toca Pet Doctor


It’s been a little while since Toca Boca has had a new digital toy out for the iPad….or at least it feels like it. Thankfully, either way, my kids can enjoy a new app from the award-winning team that seems to get kids better than any other app developer out there. The latest app is called Toca Pet Doctor, and it lets kids nurture and care for 15 injured pets by offering assistance in treating wounds, and giving them plenty of love. (more…)

January 11th in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Jamaroos Musical ABC’s


There are many apps on the App Store that are designed to help young kids learn the alphabet, phonics, and reading fundamentals. However, I’m not sure any are as entertaining as Jamaroos Musical ABC’s. (more…)

December 19th in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Ansel & Clair – American Bowl


American Bowl is a kids app from the creators of the great Ansel & Clair exploring apps. American Bowl is a bit different in that this app is more of a trivia game with bowling added in for a bit of fun, but it’s equally as educational and my kids found it interesting from the start. (more…)

November 19th in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Strangebeard: The Pirate Princess


A little while ago my kids and I both grew somewhat tired of the iPad storybooks. We still enjoyed them, but nothing new really came along and grabbed us…something had been missing. Until Strangebeard: The Pirate Princess. (more…)

November 3rd in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Toca Mini for iPad


It seems like every other month I’m sitting down to write a review about Toca Boca and their apps. One would think it would get boring, that their apps would start to falter, but…if you think that, you’d be wrong. Toca Boca have done it again with Toca Mini. They’ve taken an app for kids, made it fun and easy, given children tons of freedom, and kids love it. Again. (more…)

October 2nd in App Reviews, For Kids by .

Review : Word Search For Kids 2 for iPad


Sometimes there are apps that make life easier, and sometimes they don’t. One thing I’ve constantly struggled with is finding a good app for my kids that lets them do word searches easily. They love word searches, but remembering to bring the book of them is something we struggle with. So I thought we’d turn to the iPad a while back. There are a bunch of word search apps out there, but too many times they end up being much too complicated for my younger daughter of six years of age to use. Thankfully Word Search For Kids 2 breaks that pattern, and she is having a blast. (more…)

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