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Sprint Announces iPad for Life Plan


Device leasing has become all the rage for some mobile carriers. (more…)

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iOS 8 Now Running On Almost 60 Percent of iOS Devices


Almost 8 weeks after its public release Apple’s mobile operating system has made its way to 56 percent of all iOS devices, according to the latest data posted on Apple’s App Store support page for developers.  (more…)

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Review : germanmade g.1 iPad Air 2 Case


If you recently picked up an iPad Air 2, chances are you noticed that many of the cases out there are not actually tailored to the slightly thinner 2nd generation device. Many claim that they are, but I’ve learned first-hand that this is simply not true…even for Apple’s own Smart Case…which is sad and unacceptable…but is the fact non-the-less.

Thankfully, there are options, such as the g.1 case from germanmade. I recently wrote about their tremendous iPad sleeves, and now I’m bringing to you a more protective case for those who like the look of a “book”. (more…)

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Target Announces Great Black Friday Deals on iPads, iPhones and Other Apple Products

target black friday

Target will kick off their holiday shopping season by be offering some great Black Friday deals on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. (more…)

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Apple’s iPads Command Almost 80% of Tablet Web Use

ipad air 2

New numbers from Chitika Insights show iPad internet usage in North America rose almost 2 percent in September, a increase from third quarter statistics. (more…)

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United Airlines Spending $120 Million on Newark Terminal iPad Makeover

united airlines ipad

United Airlines will give its main terminal at Newark Airport at $120 million dollar upgrade which includes adding iPads to help their frequent flyers. (more…)

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Microsoft Office Goes Free for iPhone, iPad

microsoft office ios

Microsoft has launched standalone, freemium versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the iPhone and iPad. (more…)

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12.2-inch iPad Pro Could Be Thiner Than the iPhone 6

iPad Pro

Now that Apple has released the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 rumors of an  ‘iPad Pro’ release have started to gain steam. (more…)

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Future Apple Devices Could Be Flame Resistant

apple fire

Apple devices are always hot items, but no one wants their iPad, iPhone, or Mac catching fire. And hopefully soon you won’t ever have to worry about that happening. (more…)

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Idiot Proves the iPad Air 2 Also Bends

ipad air 2

Remember back if you will to the time when people first got their hands on the new iPhone 6 Plus. Not that long ago.

Also remember that some owners experienced a bending of the iPhone 6 Plus under certain extreme circumstances. An overblown event if there ever was one.

Now with the release of the new iPad Air 2, a ridiculously thin tablet with a gorgeous aluminum body, some idiots are also discovering that the device will bend under equally extreme circumstances.  (more…)

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