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The iPhone 6 Grabs Top Spot On Google’s 2014 Tech Search Trends

google search trends

Google’s end-of-year collection of top tech search trends finds Apple dominating the top 10 search items, with the iPhone 6 topping the list.   (more…)

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Apple Releases New Holiday Ad: ‘The Song’


Apple has released a new 90-second holiday ad entitled “The Song”. (more…)

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iPad Pro Concept Shows How Great a Larger Tablet Could Be

iPad Pro

Rumors of Apple releasing a larger 12.2-inch iPad have existed for many months, with many believing Apple will release such a device in the coming months.

The so-called “iPad Pro” seems like a good idea for those looking for a more portable Macbook Air replacement, but exactly what would the device look like in action? (more…)

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Apple Releases New iPad Air 2 Ad

apple ipad air 2

Apple has released a new video ad showing of the new iPad Air 2 tablet today.

The 60-second commercial, titled “Change is in the Air,” shows a collection of people using the iPad Air 2 in different ways to accomplish various tasks. (more…)

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iOS Thanksgiving and Black Friday Spending Destroys Android


According to a new report published by IBM Digital Analytics, user of Apple’s iOS devices spent more online and browsed more products on websites during Black Friday shopping as compared to the users of Android devices. (more…)

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iPad Air Plus Rumored to Arrive April 2015

iPad Pro

A leaked report, published in the Japanese magazine Mac Fan, and picked up by Macotakara, shows what appears to be schematics and specs of Apple’s next iPad. (more…)

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Sprint Announces iPad for Life Plan


Device leasing has become all the rage for some mobile carriers. (more…)

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iOS 8 Now Running On Almost 60 Percent of iOS Devices


Almost 8 weeks after its public release Apple’s mobile operating system has made its way to 56 percent of all iOS devices, according to the latest data posted on Apple’s App Store support page for developers.  (more…)

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Review : germanmade g.1 iPad Air 2 Case


If you recently picked up an iPad Air 2, chances are you noticed that many of the cases out there are not actually tailored to the slightly thinner 2nd generation device. Many claim that they are, but I’ve learned first-hand that this is simply not true…even for Apple’s own Smart Case…which is sad and unacceptable…but is the fact non-the-less.

Thankfully, there are options, such as the g.1 case from germanmade. I recently wrote about their tremendous iPad sleeves, and now I’m bringing to you a more protective case for those who like the look of a “book”. (more…)

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Target Announces Great Black Friday Deals on iPads, iPhones and Other Apple Products

target black friday

Target will kick off their holiday shopping season by be offering some great Black Friday deals on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. (more…)

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