April 15th in Apple, iOS by .

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Hits 79 Percent


Apple’s  iOS 8 mobile operating system is now running on 79 percent of iOS devices according to App Store store numbers as of April 13, 2015. (more…)

April 5th in Apple, iOS by .

iOS 8 Now Running On 78 Percent of Devices


Apple’s iOS 8 continues to gain traction among iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. (more…)

March 23rd in Apple, iOS by .

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Hits 77%


Five months after its release, Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system is now running on 77 percent of iOS devices. (more…)

March 2nd in Apple, iOS, iPhone by .

iOS 8 Battery Life Compared on iPhones



From YouTuber kabriolett comes this test of iOS 8 using a fresh out of the box iPhone 5. (more…)

February 25th in App Reviews, Apple, Games, iOS by .

Start a Work Fight With Office Rumble

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 7.38.33 AM

Have you ever just wanted to pummel the living crap out of your boss or colleagues at work? Great news, there’s a new iOS game that allows you to do just that.

From PNIX Games comes Office Rumble, a game that gives you the chance to take your evil boss to task in a way that won’t get you fired or arrested. (more…)

February 17th in Apple, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac by .

Apple’s iWork for iCloud Beta Now Open to Everyone


Good news for those of you who want to access iWork for iCloud on a non-Apple device: Apple has made the software available to all!

That’s right, anyone can access iWork for iCloud thanks to a new link, which allows users to create an Apple ID, regardless of their device. (more…)

February 9th in Apple, iOS by .

iOS Passes Android as the Most Popular Mobile Platform in the US


Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus success has come at the expense of Android with iOS overtaking Google’s Android operating system in the US for the first time since 2012. (more…)

February 8th in Apple, iOS by .

iOS 8 Adoption Soars To 72% In February

ios 8

Adoption of iOS 8 rises once again after a recent slow down. (more…)

January 25th in Apple, iOS by .

iOS 8 Adoption Slows, Now at 69 Percent

ios 8 69

After a steady climb following early issues and an influx of new device purchase during the holiday season, iOS 8 is showing signs of slowing. (more…)

January 13th in Apple, iOS by .

Apple Starts Testing iOS 9

ios 9

iOS 8 is still a relatively young mobile OS, but it appears Apple is getting ready to move on by starting testing on iOS 9.  (more…)

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