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iOS 7 Now Runs On an Impressive 90 Percent of iOS Devices


Apple has updated its App Store Distribution developer webpage to include new distribution statistics for major iOS versions.

According to data collected and measured over the seven day period ending, July 13, nearly 90 percent of devices visiting the iOS App Store were running iOS 7, a truly impressive number. (more…)

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Apple Now Updating Maps Data Every Single Day


In a rush to get rid of Google Maps from its devices, Apple released its own map service, Maps. The app however was a disaster when first released and was faced with a rash of negativity from users and tech experts alike.  (more…)

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iOS 8 Beta 3 Reportedly Released July 8


According to a new report from BGR, iOS 8 beta 3 will be released Tuesday, July 8. (more…)

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iOS 8 Features Hidden ‘City Tours’ Flyover Feature

iOS 8 City Tours

An iOS developer, Pierre Blazquez, has successfully unlocked the “City Tours” feature Apple promised for iOS 8 Maps at this year’s WWDC. (more…)

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Video Shows iPad Split-Screen App Mode In iOS 8

ipad split screen

Good news for you multi-taskers: Apple may finally be bringing legitimate multitasking to the iPad. (more…)

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iOS 8 Lets You Scan Your Credit Card With Mobile Safari


What’s the worst thing about buying things online? That’s right, it’s having to enter your credit card information over and over and over again. Autofill tries to solve this problem, but if you’re like me the idea of letting the Internet save all your credit card information is a little scary. (more…)

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A 5-Minute Visual History of iOS


Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, during its WWDC keynote event. (more…)

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Apple Unveils iOS 8 at WWDC 2014


Today at WWDC Apple unveiled the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 8.

iOS 8 builds on the design of iOS 7 with a slough of improvements, new features and all-new apps. Here’s what you can expect. (more…)

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Get In The Spirit With WWDC Wallpapers


Today’s the big day. It’s WWDC 2014 keynote day and nerds all over the world are going crazy. They are lining up, taking time off work, setting up their streams, blogs, twitter drafts, charging devices, and other last-minute preparations, making sure everything is ready for the live event and the aftermath. (more…)

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Apple Reportedly Unveiling Smart Home Platform at WWDC 2014


At last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced it would be invading your car with CarPlay, a platform that takes the iPhone screen and puts it, in a simplified form, onto the navigation screen in cars.

At this year’s WWDC keynote (Monday, June 2, at 10:00 AM (PDT),  Apple reportedly will use iOS to take control of your home — the Internet of Things (IoT), as it’s called. (more…)

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