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iOS Users Spend 32% of Their App Time on Games


Android and iOS users in the US spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes every day using apps on smartphones and tablets (up just four minutes compared to last year). (more…)

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Adoption of Apple’s iOS 7 Hits an Impressive 87 Percent


iOS owners continue to upgrade to iOS 7 at an incredible pace, with the operating system now installed on 87 percent of iOS devices, according to Apple’s App Store developer support tool. (more…)

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Apple Increases International App Store Prices to Adjust for Exchange Rates


Apple has notified iOS developers that App Store pricing for five currencies will be changing, with the adjustments serving to acclimate the digital store to fluctuating exchange rates. (more…)

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Apple Adds Streaming News From NPR to iTunes Radio


iTunes Radio may be aimed squarely at music fans but Apple’s decided there’s room for news too, adding National Public Radio (NPR) to its audio streaming service. (more…)

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iOS Dominating Mobile Web Browsing in Western Markets


Need another indicator of how the iOS and Android battle is playing out around the world?

Mobile technology firm dotMobi has divided 101 countries around the world into either the Apple (black) or Google (green) camp, based on device browsing. (Grey countries are not included in the dataset.) (more…)

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Apple Rolling Out Related Search Suggestions in App Store

app store

Apple has starting testing a new search suggestion feature for the App Store, according to reports. The feature is designed to enhance search functionality while also aiding in new app discovery. (more…)

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iOS 7 Adoption At 90%, Android Fragmentation Still Laughably Strong


Mixpanel’s latest stats reveal that adoption of iOS 7 is now just below 90 percent compared to Android’s latest mobile OS – KitKat (4.4) – remains well under 10 percent. (more…)

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iTunes Radio Now More Popular Than Spotify, Gaining on Pandora

iTunes Radio

New statistics for 2014 claim that Pandora still owns music streaming, which is logical given the fact that it’s one of the first services to focus on this, and that has actually survived.

An interesting twist though, is that even though we expected Spotify to continue being third, it turns out that iTunes Radio has just taken third place. (more…)

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Healthbook App Detailed in New iOS 8 Leak


Apple seems poised to launch a new Healthbook app that will ship as soon as when iOS 8 launches and no doubt shake-up the health-tracking and fitness world. (more…)

March 17th in Apple, iOS, iPad, iPhone by .

Apple Reportedly Giving iTunes Radio a Dedicated App in iOS 8


With the recent iOS 7.1 update iTunes Radio received some welcome enhancements, however some new talk indicates that Apple’s music service may get be about to get a starring role in iOS 8.  That’s right, there is a distinct possibility we will see iTunes Radio get its own dedicated app to make it more user accessible. (more…)

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