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Microsoft OneNote for iOS 8


I’ve long been trying to find the perfect note-taking application for my own use cases. I’ve tried favorites like Evernote, apps like Noteability, and even built-in, but have found Microsoft OneNote to be my favorite overall. To make it even better, the iOS app is getting a killer update for iOS 8 and extensions today.

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The Evolution of iOS

ios 8

8 years, 8 versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. (more…)

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Real Estate by Redfin: Search Houses, Condos and Homes for Sale From Your iOS Device

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.14.10 AM

Are you in the market for a new home or enjoy keeping tabs on the real estate market in your area is faring? ¬†Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’re flipping houses fast and furiously, there’s a lot of work to be done for both you and your realtor.

Luckily the App Store has many apps to help you do so with ease, and at the top of the list is Real Estate by Redfin. (more…)

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Productivity Apps On Sale


There is a new section of the App Store right now titled “Amazing Productivity Apps”, and in it are some great promotions. There isn’t any date listed for these sales to expire, but I wouldn’t wait on grabbing them for too long..especially apps like Writer Pro (about $15 off), Fantastical 2 for iPhone (about $5 off), and PDF Expert 5 (about $5 off).

Below is a list of apps included in the section, in alphabetical order. Check them out!


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iOS 8 Beta 5, Handoff, And Mac Apps


Yesterday the newest iOS 8 beta (beta 5) went live for developers. I’ve been testing the iOS and Mac OS X betas off and on since their release, and the latest versions have got my mind moving in overdrive.

Stepping back to WWDC, there were a ton of announcements, but my favorite was the introduction of Continuity and Handoff. Handoff really made me standup and shout for joy. The idea that I can start something on one device and pick up right where I left off on another device, not just some “draft”, is the stuff of dreams. Being able to move from my iPhone to my iPad and just click or swipe and being exactly where I was on the other device, well, is amazing. (more…)

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iOS 7 Now Runs On an Impressive 90 Percent of iOS Devices


Apple has updated its App Store Distribution developer webpage to include new distribution statistics for major iOS versions.

According to data collected and measured over the seven day period ending, July 13, nearly 90 percent of devices visiting the iOS App Store were running iOS 7, a truly impressive number. (more…)

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Apple Now Updating Maps Data Every Single Day


In a rush to get rid of Google Maps from its devices, Apple released its own map service, Maps. The app however was a disaster when first released and was faced with a rash of negativity from users and tech experts alike.¬† (more…)

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iOS 8 Beta 3 Reportedly Released July 8


According to a new report from BGR, iOS 8 beta 3 will be released Tuesday, July 8. (more…)

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iOS 8 Features Hidden ‘City Tours’ Flyover Feature

iOS 8 City Tours

An iOS developer, Pierre Blazquez, has successfully unlocked the “City Tours” feature Apple promised for iOS 8 Maps at this year’s WWDC. (more…)

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Video Shows iPad Split-Screen App Mode In iOS 8

ipad split screen

Good news for you multi-taskers: Apple may finally be bringing legitimate multitasking to the iPad. (more…)

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