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T-Mobile Offering LTE iPads for the Price of WiFi-Only Models With Free 4G LTE Data


T-Mobile has announced new Un-carrier deals with one focused squarely on Apple’s iPad. (more…)

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George W. Bush’s Painting Skills Honed on an iPad


Former President George W. Bush’s painting obsession first began with sketches on his iPad using the popular app Penultimate.  (more…)

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iOS Users Spend 32% of Their App Time on Games


Android and iOS users in the US spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes every day using apps on smartphones and tablets (up just four minutes compared to last year). (more…)

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Adoption of Apple’s iOS 7 Hits an Impressive 87 Percent


iOS owners continue to upgrade to iOS 7 at an incredible pace, with the operating system now installed on 87 percent of iOS devices, according to Apple’s App Store developer support tool. (more…)

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Avoid the Apple Store to Get the Best Deals on Apple Products


Shopping exclusively at the Apple Store benefits one person — the Apple shareholder.

Apple holds but one sale a year, and the discounts are meager at best. Conversely, authorized Apple resellers have been discounting Apple devices for years. And recently, they’ve been offering more frequent deals and deeper discounts.

From the iPad mini to the iPhone 5s, DealNews has how you can save substantial cash on your next Apple purchase. (more…)

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Apple Increases International App Store Prices to Adjust for Exchange Rates


Apple has notified iOS developers that App Store pricing for five currencies will be changing, with the adjustments serving to acclimate the digital store to fluctuating exchange rates. (more…)

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Microsoft Announces Office for iPad

ipad office

Microsoft finally revealed Office for iPad during a press briefing in San Francisco today as part of their goal of empowering people to be productive across all devices. The product has reportedly been years in the making but according to Microsoft, there’s good reason for that. (more…)

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New Study Claims iPads are Replaced Less Often Than iPhones

iPhone 5s iPad mini Retina

A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that the iPad has a much longer replacement cycle than the iPhone. (more…)

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iTunes Radio Now More Popular Than Spotify, Gaining on Pandora

iTunes Radio

New statistics for 2014 claim that Pandora still owns music streaming, which is logical given the fact that it’s one of the first services to focus on this, and that has actually survived.

An interesting twist though, is that even though we expected Spotify to continue being third, it turns out that iTunes Radio has just taken third place. (more…)

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United Airlines to Offer In-Flight Movie Service for iPad and iPhone


Commercial Airlines have been slowly inching toward integration of mobile device use on flights. By 2011, United Airlines had already begun trading heavy flight bags with iPad tablets for the company’s pilots.

Once the Federal Aviation Administration approved passenger use of portable electronic devices, all bets were off. Today, United Airlines has announced a new in-flight entertainment program that will allow iPad and iPhone users to watch TV shows and movies on their own devices. (more…)

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