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Apple Launching iPad Pro in April 2015 With an A8X Processor

iPad Pro

According to sources speaking to Taiwanese tech site Technews a larger iPad, the so-called iPad Pro, is on the way. How do they know? They claim to have placed their hands on the 12.9-inch screened device itself.   (more…)

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Apple Confirms iOS 8 SMS Continuity Feature Delayed Until October

apple continuity

Apple’s Continuity messaging feature that allows iPhone owners to send SMS and MMS text messages from an iPad or a Mac OS X computer will not arrive until October. (more…)

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FiftyThree’s Paper App Will Get Mix


I’ve been a huge fan of FiftyThree’s drawing or doodling app called Paper, since it was released. I’ve enjoyed so many hours of sketching and drawing, coloring and shading, and sharing these pieces of art with family and friends. It’s been one of my most used apps for a long time now, and I am always excited when they release updates. (more…)

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The Evolution of iOS

ios 8

8 years, 8 versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. (more…)

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iPad Air 2 to Launch September 9


When Apple takes the stage on September 9 they may announce more than just the iPhone 6 and iWatch; they may also unveil the next version of the iPad Air. (more…)

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Apple Launching 12.9-Inch iPad in Early 2015

12-9 Apple iPad

Stop me if you heard this before: Apple is prepping a larger iPad, slated for release in early 2015 (more…)

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LA Schools Halt Contract for iPads

iPad Education

Los Angeles schools have suspended a contract with Apple to provide an iPad to each of its students due to repeated problems and growing scrutiny faced by the $1 billion project. (more…)

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Apple iPad Air 2 Will Reportedly Feature 2GB of RAM


Good news for those looking to pick up a new iPad Air when it’s released – it now appears the iPad Air 2 will bump up the specs in one very underserved (by Apple) area. (more…)

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Apple Posts New iPad Air ‘Your Verse’ TV Ads

apple ipad air your verse ad

Apple has expanded its “Your Verse”  iPad Air with two new advertisements airing on TV.  (more…)

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AT&T Offering iPhone Buyers $200 Off iPad


Are you in the market for an new iPhone and wouldn’t mind also getting a new cellular-equipped iPad at a discounted price? Well, AT&T has a deal for you.  (more…)

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