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Video of iPad Mini 4 Shell Leaks



New images and a video have leaked that appear to show the new shell for the iPad mini 4.  (more…)

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iPad Pro Rumored to Use IGZO Panels

iPad Pro

Apple has been rumored to be working on a larger, 12.9-inch iPad, for some time now. Now, if a new report is true, Apple is putting the finishing touches on the iPad Pro.

According to an official from LG Display, Apple has kicked display production into high gear ahead of the launch. (more…)

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The iPad – 5 Years Later


Five years ago I was sitting home from work, repeatedly checking the status and tracking of a package. I was sitting by the door. Anxiously waiting. Pacing. Sitting. Trying to find anything else to occupy my time. Would the package arrive in the morning? Afternoon? Or during our typical delivery of package window, 6-8 in the evening? I was a wreck.

What was I waiting for? The iPad. (more…)

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Protect Your Passwords and More With Passible Password Manager

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.46.29 PM

Keeping your passwords safe and secure in this ever insecure world is no walk in the park. And with every site requiring a different password convention, password maintenance can be a pain in the…well, you know what.

Thankfully there’s Passible Password Manager for iOS. (more…)

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A Rose Gold iPhone or iPad?

Photo Credit: Martin Hajek

We already know what the Apple Watch will look like in Rose Gold. The elegant light pinkish color is beautiful and subtle, but stands out at the same time. So, now that Apple has a watch in the color, could they move it to the iPhone or iPad lineup along side the standard gold that already exists there? (more…)

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Apple Changing Its iPad Education Strategy

iPad Education

Apple is changing its requirement for one device per ID…in the education market.  (more…)

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iPad Mini 4 May Launch Soon With Updated A8 Processor and 802.11AC Wi-Fi


When Apple announced the iPad Mini 3 in the fall of 2014 many thought it was a major disappointment.

The sentiment stems from the iPad Mini 3 essentially being the same exact model as the iPad Mini 2, with the differences between the two being largely cosmetic. That may soon change. (more…)

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Apple Pushes ‘iPad Pro’ Production Back to September

iPad Pro

Apple is reportedly delaying the launch of the iPad Pro, following issues with the display panel supplier. (more…)

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‘Modern Family’ to Air Episode Shot Entirely on iPhones and iPads


The hit ABC sitcom Modern Family will air an entire episode this week that was shot on Apple’s mobile and laptop devices. (more…)

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Apple’s New iPad Ad Highlights Filmmaking



Apple has a new iPad ad airing just in time for tonight’s Academy Awards broadcast. (more…)

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