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IK Multimedia Announcements


IK Multimedia is the leader in musical and instrument accessories for the iPad and iPhone. I’ve used the iRig, the iMic and iMic HD, the iLoud Speaker, and many of their other items over the years, and have never been disappointed. The accessories are produced at a high quality, tested thoroughly, and work wonderfully. I can’t say enough good things about them…

So, with that said, there have been plenty of IK Multimedia announcements lately, here are a couple…


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mPact Glass EXTREME Tempered Glass Screen Protection for iPhone 6


Screen protectors for iPhones and iPads are either loved or hated. They’re loved by those that don’t care if they make your device look like complete crap as long as they offer some screen protection. They’re hated by those who hate how they make your phone look like complete crap in spite of offering some level of screen protection.

mPact Glass EXTREME Tempered Glass is a screen protector that should appease all as it not only looks like it was made by Apple, but also provides protection for most of your device’s screen. More on that last part in a second. (more…)

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Review : IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD


For a while now I’ve been using the original iRig Mic for recording home demos of my acoustic guitar and vocals. It worked well, and it did what I needed…which is to say it recorded well enough for a home demo. I have also been using it to record podcasts and Skype or FaceTime calls. It works better than the built in mics, and I’ve been satisfied with it for the most part for sure.

That said, when IK Multimedia announced that they were bringing a new HD model out, I was instantly intrigued. (more…)

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Review : germanmade. iPad Air 2 Sleeve


So I ordered the iPad Air 2 the other day and knew that I’d instantly need something to house it in. I’m on the fence about using the Smart Case, so in the meantime I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring to you a look at the sleeves I have come to love for the iPad. These are germanmade. They are glorious. They are handmade. (more…)

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The iPad Virtual Reality Experience


The number of iPad accessories is sometimes amazing. Whether it’s keyboards, bluetooth speakers, stylus options, cases, stands, microphones, or even sex toys…there’s something for everyone in this area. Now, thanks to a Kickstarter program we could see the iPad converted into a virtual reality headset. (more…)

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Review : MobiMates by Lap Pro


It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a great iPad stand, even more, one for kids. That’s exactly what I’m doing now though. MobiMates is an offshoot of Lap Pro and has two cute and cuddly iPad stands for kids available. My kids and I have spent some time with them, and in short, they’re great! (more…)

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Review: SlipStopper for iPhone and iPad


I’ve reviewed plenty of cases for the iPhone and iPad over the last few years, but on my daily driver I tend to not use one. I love the look of the devices when they don’t have anything in the way. That said, the SlipStopper is one of those products that may have changed that for me. Maybe. (more…)

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Review: Brydge+ Keyboard for iPad 2/3/4


One of the most forgotten peices of Apple hardware is the iPad 2/3/4. There are millions of them sitting in the hands of users, Apple even sells this particular design for education purposes, and while it may shock many hardcore users, schools eat them up. They’re functional still, work well, and do everything that a classroom needs…well, almost. (more…)

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Review : Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones


Over the past few years premium headphones have become quite a rage in the mainstream, with Beats taking a large piece of the pie for sure. There isn’t anything wrong with these headphones in my opinion, if you’re going for style over substance, they sound good, look good, and are better than your run-of-the-mill ear buds or over-the-ear options. However, if you desire truer premium sound, there are better options out there. I’ve reviewed the Harman Kardon Over-The-Ear Bluetooth headphones before and found them pretty darn great. Now I’m taking a go at the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro’s, and in short, they’re fantastic. (more…)

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Review : Zen IcePen Stylus


Anyone who has read this site for a while knows that I’m a pretty big supporter of stylus options for the iPad. Sure, almost everything is easily done with a finger and the screen when using the iPad…with the exception of artwork and writing. These two things require something a little more functional, and thankfully, many are providing solutions….solutions like the Zen IcePen Stylus. (more…)

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