August 14th in iPad Accessories, iPad Cases by .

Review : MobiMates by Lap Pro


It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a great iPad stand, even more, one for kids. That’s exactly what I’m doing now though. MobiMates is an offshoot of Lap Pro and has two cute and cuddly iPad stands for kids available. My kids and I have spent some time with them, and in short, they’re great! (more…)

March 31st in iPad Accessories, iPad Cases by .

Review : Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad mini

I recently said my favorite case for the iPad mini was the Smart Case by Apple. I fell in love with the slim and useful case that provided just enough protection from scratches. Now, I’m not so sure. I’m torn. The SurfacePad by Twelve South has me rethinking this and just may pull ahead in the end. (more…)
March 12th in iPad Accessories, iPad Cases by .

Review : CitySlicker iPad and iPad mini Case


I’m a huge fan of San Francisco based Waterfield Designs, their bags are simply outstanding examples of craftsmanship and quality. I’ve used wallets, cases, and bags from for a few years now and I highly recommend them often. I recently had the chance to review the CitySlicker case for the iPad mini, and as expected, it’s simply great! (more…)

March 4th in iPad Accessories, iPad Cases, iPad Mini by .

Review : Griffin Survivor Case for iPad mini


I recently reviewed the Apple Smart Case for the iPad mini, and it might be my favorite case, for my personal iPad. That doesn’t mean that it’s ideal for everyone. Especially for my kids. They each now have an iPad mini and they need something with a little more protection than normal. So after trying a few cases, we settled on the Griffin Survivor case for them. (more…)

February 24th in iPad Accessories, iPad Air, iPad Cases by .

Review : Chil Notchbook Folio for iPad Air


One of the most popular types of iPad cases I see in the wild is the folio style case. Something about a nice leather case in this style has proven very popular, and there are many companies filling the need nicely. A new entry is the Notchbook by Chil. It’s a versatile folio case that offers a unique and familiar book-like grip, and some great additional features as well. (more…)

February 7th in iPad Accessories, iPad Air, iPad Cases by .

Pelican ProGear Vault for the iPad Air


There are many iPad cases out there that claim to offer superior protection, some do, some fail horribly.  One that I had not heard of before sitting down to review it is the Pelican ProGear Vault. While the company itself isn’t new to providing protection, as they have offered great cases for cameras and accessories before, this is their inaugural attempt in the iPad realm. In short, it’s a pretty great success. (more…)

January 8th in iPad Accessories, iPad Cases, iPad Mini by .

Review : iPad mini Smart Case

Smart Case

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally got around to trying out the iPad mini Smart Case by Apple. I waited until the iPad mini went Retina, and picked up the black leather Smart Case to compliment my black iPad mini. (more…)

October 16th in iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Accessories, iPad Cases by .

Review : Lifeproof Nuud iPad Case


Yes, there are new iPads coming in a very short time. But that doesn’t mean the previous models won’t still be for sale…and it certainly doesn’t mean those who buy them or already have them won’t need great protection for their devices! So, with that, here is a look at the Lifeproof Nuud Case for the iPad. (more…)

June 26th in iPad Cases by .

Review : Grablet Executive iPad Case


I recently reviewed the Grablet Nomad, and overall I enjoyed it. It does a great number of things well, with the Grablet “twist” on them. One thing that it was missing was a “professional” feel to it. The case works great, isn’t bad looking, but doesn’t scream “class”. The Grablet Executive is here to change that.

The Executive and the Nomad are different cases in terms of use and function, but they both start with the same Grablet core…a hard plastic housing for the device that leaves all buttons and ports accessible. This core connects to the outer shell, in this case a premium leather cover, and can be removed easily when desired. (more…)

June 16th in iPad Cases by .

Review : Grablet Nomad iPad Case


There are unique cases out there for the iPad, then there is the Grablet series. These cases are packed with potential and I’ve got two to bring to you. First up, today, is the Grablet Nomad.

The Grablet Nomad is a case designed to do what the name suggests…grab and keep a hold of your iPad while on the go. But it’s also more than that. It features the same back case as the regular Grablet, with mounting points for straps that also allow one to attach a hand-pad for grabbing it and holding it in one hand. It features a new front cover, which while acting as protection, also becomes a crazy origami stand that can be shaped to stand in a number of ways. (more…)

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