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Apple Confirms iPhone 6 Event for September 9th

apple iphone 6 event

That’s right, the event we’ve all been waiting for is (almost) finally here.  (more…)

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The Best iPhone 6 Leak Ever

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.55.51 AM


This “iPhone 6″ leak and review is the most hilarious video you’ll watch all day. Enjoy. (more…)

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Apple iPhone 6 to Feature ‘Phosphorus’ Co-Processor

iphone 6

New iPhone 6 reports indicate the device will pack a powerful successor to the energy-saving M7 motion coprocessor. (more…)

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iPhone Crazy


Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement is now less than 3 weeks away and people (including yours truly) are getting more and more excited about the release of at least one new iPhone.

There are many rumors about what the new iPhone will or will not feature and just how popular the device will be.

Thankfully, Computer World has put together the handy infographic below based on data from Statistica, Comscore, and others, which adds a visual spin to what we think we know about Apple’s latest (and greatest) smartphone.  (more…)

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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program


If you have an iPhone 5 that was purchased between September 2012 and January 2013, you may be eligible for a battery replacement. It’s well-known that the iPhone 5 battery has had some issues since its introduction. If you are experiencing horrible battery life and sudden drops of charge, or random shutdowns, it is probably very worth your while to check into this program. (more…)

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iPhone 6 Production Reportedly Hit With Display Problems

iphone 6


Apple’s iPhone 6 is just weeks from launch, but it has reportedly run into major manufacturing troubles. (more…)

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Apple Stores Begin Offering iPhone Carrier Financing Today


Starting today Apple stores are changing the way you can buy an iPhone, ahead of the iPhone 6 launch. (more…)

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Gazelle Offering Up To $350 For Old iPhones, Locking Trade-In Value Until September 9


Gadget buyer Gazelle has announced that they’re locking in the trade-in value of the iPhone 5s until September 9th, the date its expected Apple will announce the iPhone 6. (more…)

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Apple iPhone Commercial Wins an Emmy

apple emmy

Apple’s controversial (and beautiful in my opinion) 2013 holiday ad for the iPhone has been honored with a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Commercial. (more…)

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