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iOS 8 Beta 5, Handoff, And Mac Apps


Yesterday the newest iOS 8 beta (beta 5) went live for developers. I’ve been testing the iOS and Mac OS X betas off and on since their release, and the latest versions have got my mind moving in overdrive.

Stepping back to WWDC, there were a ton of announcements, but my favorite was the introduction of Continuity and Handoff. Handoff really made me standup and shout for joy. The idea that I can start something on one device and pick up right where I left off on another device, not just some “draft”, is the stuff of dreams. Being able to move from my iPhone to my iPad and just click or swipe and being exactly where I was on the other device, well, is amazing. (more…)

July 22nd in Apple, Mac by .

Apple Releases New MacBook Air TV Ad ‘Stickers’

macbook apple ad

Apple has debuted a new television ad dubbed “Stickers” on televisions across the United States. (more…)

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Apple Launches Annual Back to School Promotion


Apple has launched its annual “Back to School” promotion in the United States and other countries, offering iTunes Store/App Store gift cards to students that purchase a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. (more…)

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New Beats by Dre World Cup Ad Prominently Features Apple

beats apple world cup

Beats by Dre has released a lengthy World Cup promo guest starring many Apple products, including the iPhone 5s.  (more…)

June 5th in Apple, Mac by .

Apple’s Mac Pro Gets Blown Up By C4 Explosives


In the latest RatedRR Apple torture test video, Apple’s latest Mac Pro has been outfitted with C4 explosives along with a detonation cord and the whole thing is blown sky high. (more…)

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Apple Offering Free Shipping On All Online Purchases Through May 29

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Looking for a sweet Father’s Day gift, or need a new Apple device for yourself? Good news, Apple is offering free shipping for all products in its Apple Online Store through May 29. (more…)

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Watch an iMac Get Destroyed By a 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle

iMac vs 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you blasted your Apple iMac with a high-powered Anti-Tank Rifle? Well, wonder no more. (more…)

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Avoid the Apple Store to Get the Best Deals on Apple Products


Shopping exclusively at the Apple Store benefits one person — the Apple shareholder.

Apple holds but one sale a year, and the discounts are meager at best. Conversely, authorized Apple resellers have been discounting Apple devices for years. And recently, they’ve been offering more frequent deals and deeper discounts.

From the iPad mini to the iPhone 5s, DealNews has how you can save substantial cash on your next Apple purchase. (more…)

January 26th in Apple, Mac by .

Watch Steve Jobs Introduce the Very First Mac on January 24, 1984


On January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs famously demonstrated the Macintosh for the first time at Apple’s shareholders meeting at the Flint Center in Cupertino.  (more…)

December 16th in Apple, Mac by .

Watch LEGO Bricks Incredibly Transform into an Original Apple Macintosh


This 30 second time lapse video of a LEGO original Macintosh being built captures all that is … LEGO Mac. (more…)

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