Crypto VIP club is the newest business software in the present business world. It is one of the credible and trustworthy software for business and trade. Cryptocurrencies are designed digitally for secure transaction. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies used for business and trading are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Bitcoin is the market leader of digital currencies. Bitcoin is gaining popularity everyday and business leaders are looking forward to gaining profit from it rather than simply buying and selling.


Cryptocurrency can be a good idea for a startup business. Some of the business ideas using Cryptocurrency are discussed as under.

  • Exchange of Cryptocurrency

Like stock exchange Cryptocurrency exchange is a good platform for digital currency exchange. Similar to the stock exchange here also the price of the currency goes up and down depending on the profit and loss in the business. To start with one has to build a trading website.

  • Gaming

Cryptocurrency is getting popularity among the online gamers, as they can buy and sell their game items through third party trading companies as they cannot directly buy or sell items in the game. Using blockchain tokens to buy in-game articles is on the rise among the online gamers.

  • Betting

Government and other financial institution do not have any control over cryptocurrency so one can set up an online casino where people can play poker and can do betting on different sports using cryptocurrency.

  • Accepting cryptocurrency for business

In such places where the cryptocurrency is popular, a businessman can start accepting Bitcoins as traditional currency or paper money is getting obsolete day by day. For that, they only have to set up a digital vending machine.

  • Cryptocurrency consultancy

Cryptocurrency has open new doors for business entrepreneurs. Now one can think of many business ideas using Bitcoin and blockchain. If someone has immense knowledge of cryptocurrency then he can approach companies and help them to incorporate cryptocurrency into their business.

  • Token bridge

One can create a token bridge on the ripple gateway. Ripple allows financial transaction regardless of persons geographical location.  One can create his own token on this gateway and can earn fees when any transaction happens. To learn full review is here.

  • For a crypto transaction to get accomplished confirmation is required from both sender and receiver if any dispute occurs between them one can step into the controversy and resolve the matter and earn money, if he belongs to any big company. Such persons are known as Escrow Agent.