Foxconn to open Brazil plant to manufacture Apple products

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Taiwan manufacturer, Foxconn, is one of the main producers for parts of Apple products.  Despite some concerns that Foxconn of Taiwan is slowing production of components for Apple’s iPad 2, it appears the company may simply reallocate resources to a new plant in order to continue cranking out iPad 2.

According to Redebomdia of Brazil, Foxconn has set its sights on opening a new manufacturing plant in Jundiai, a city in Sao Palo, Brazil, to construct Apple Products.

The company is no stranger to the country, having already established similar plants in Jundiai for work on Sony and HP products.  The new facility is expected to open in 2013 following Foxconn’s receipt of millions in new investment dollars.

While the report from Redebomdia fails to reveal exactly where their information comes from, citing only “studies,” more than likely meaning research and/or reports, there have been rumblings of a Brazil-Foxconn-Apple connection for some time.  Apple, as they frequently do, have declined to comment on the report.

In November 2010 Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista said he will pay 1.6 billion dollars to open up an Apple manufacturing plant in Brazil. Although this is unrelated to Foxconn opening up an Apple plant in Brazil, it does demonstrate that Apple may have been pushed to open plants out of China.

Opening a plant in Brazil should make fans of Apple products, in particular iPad and iPhone, pleased.  Doing so would reduce the time from production to consumer availability for those desiring to purchase Apple products in North and South America.

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    Apple should make them here in the states, i would even patty more for made in usa