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Is HBSwiss a scam or not?

When it comes to online trading the most frequent online trading method is the binary trading options. We are here today to review one of those platforms and to see if they are a scam or not. To understand why something might be considered a scam we have taken the most common pyramid schemes and similar business methods and compared it to the binary options and the platforms from which you can make those trades happen.

While we were researching the HBSwiss platformwe could not find any wrongdoings. The HBSwiss platform practices its trades in a legitimate manner and all their methods don’t fall into the scam category when compared to the method on our lists. We have used the HBSwiss binary trading method for a couple of months and we have found that their platform is not just a scam but that it’s pretty easy to understand it and to start your trading over it.

Once again if you are looking to get into the online trading with binary options we caution that you as the user research the functionalities of these platforms by reading reviews and we advise caution when choosing them.

Anyone who has an iPad and uses it for work knows that it takes a while to really get the hang of the virtual keyboard. Even then, once you get it, its not the most ideal situation for keying for any long period of time.  It works, but for those who want to really get some work done, and utilize that keyboarding class/typing class they took in school, the vitual keyboard doesnt give any feedback to really allow for that.  Thats where the iKeyboard comes in.

Cliff Thier of West Hartford, CT has invented, but not yet produced for the public, the iKeyboard, which addresses the one downside of a tablet computer, the lack of feedback and the insane difficulty of touch-typing on a virtual keyboard.

There it is. So, how does this work?

Simply but brilliantly if you ask me


Instead of a case or full cover, iKeyboard goes over top the bottom half of the iPad in landscape orientation, covering the virtual keys. With the iPad propped up, using a Smart Cover or other cover/case, you can see how this would work in the picture to the right.

Theres a ton more to it, and you can learn more by visiting the iKeyboard Kickstarter page.

If you would like to get more info or help fund this project via Kickstarter, visit the link here. As of publishing this iKeyboard has reached $1,715 of its needed $4,000, and has 43 backers.  I would also really suggest reading the comments on the page as well, Cliff has been very interactive and informative there.

So what do you think?

Would you like the iKeyboard?

Will you back it, and help fund its development? Why or why not?

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