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iPad 2: Thinner, Lighter, Faster, Available March 11

Today’s iPad 2 event didn’t disappoint.  While there were no real surprises for people following the iPad 2 rumor mill, iPad 2 looks like a great upgrade over the original iPad.  iPad 2  is thinner, lighter, and faster than the original iPad.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is that it is going to be available in just 9 days.


How much thinner is the new iPad?  33% thinner.  The iPad has gone from 13.4 mm to just 8.8 mm.  The iPad 2 is now even skinnier than the iPhone 4 which is 9.3 mm thick.


Up to 15 percent lighter claims Apple.  This should come as a relief to those who felt the original iPad was too heavy.


The iPad 2 is getting a new dual core processor dubbed the A5 (just as we predicted).  Apple says the new processor is twice as fast as the old one and claims the graphics performance is 9 times faster.  A ninefold increase is graphics performance is pretty crazy for one generation of improvement.  Early hands on reports claim the new iPad is blazingly fast.


The new iPad comes into line with the rest of the iOS family by getting front and rear facing cameras.  The front camera is a VGA camera that can be used for facetime chats with other iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac users.  There is also a neat photobooth app that allows you to take photos of yourself using the front camera.  The rear camera can shoot 720p HD video.

iOS 4.3

The new iPad will come with the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 4.3.  This update enables better performance while using the Safari Internet browser, iTunes home sharing, Airplay improvements, and you can now turn the iPad mute switch back into the rotation lock if you so wish.

Other stuff

The iPad 2 also gets a gyroscope and will now be available in black or white (as reported earlier this week).  Apple demonstrated new apps for iMovie and GarageBand for iPad.  Both apps looked very impressive and both will be available the same day iPad 2 releases.  I have been expecting iLife apps for iPad for awhile now.  The only thing oddly absent was iPhoto for iPad.  Finally, Apple announced new “smart covers” for the iPad which act as a screen protector / case.


With much improved hardware yet the same exact prices as the last generation iPad, Apple should continue to dominate the tablet space.  iPad 2 definitely looks like a worthy upgrade over the original iPad.  Did we get everything on our wish list (SD card reader, retina display)?  No, but Apple has to keep some things for future hardware updates.  We are definitely excited about iPad 2 and will have much more on iPad 2 in the days and weeks to come.  Now we just have to decide which color iPad 2 to buy.

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Lorne Lakin is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and a Producer for HSN in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Lorne has worked in the TV / Electronics industry for the past 13 years.Prior to working for HSN, Lorne spent 5 years at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. When not talking obsessively about the iPad, Lorne enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and dog Cooper.


  • kiritharanmogan

    hey ipad have more tecknolgy

  • ahmed elmasry

    hey hey hey the ipad 2 have more (tecknolegy)-x- than that :D like my ipad you know it works as fast as your mind and just it can open more than one application at a moment without being lagging or somthing. just and its a low price just 499$ that’s a nice ideal for apple to make such a wonderfull ipad , but what i hate the most is all those companies that trys to make somthing like the ipad like SAMSUNG galaxytab – BLACKBERRY playbook – MOTOROLA ……I just hate that. you know that make apple get sad about it like when you make somthing and other people tries to make another copy :@ ok what ever I LIKE THAT ,, keep it up APPLE ;)

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  • Derp

    no you

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  • TooFlashy

    I personally don’t blame Apple for avoiding Flash… from a security standpoint Flash introduces too many attack vectors and vulnerabilities. Even on the PCs I use I refuse to put Flash on them. Seems like as soon as I do, I get a virus or something.

  • Parrhesia

    anyone else notice he listed several things that aren’t failures in his list:
    The iphone, The razor was a style and was well liked for a while as a style, the cellphone+ is doing fine.

    The droid assuming your referencing the google run competition to the ieverything line and not starwars robots then it’s still doing just fine.

    The kindle is freaking spectacular if you like to read (I’m guessing it gives you a hard time).

    The GPS system now your just being silly. If you seriously think that GPS hasn’t changed the world your naive beyond what we can cover in our limited time together.

    If the segway’s weren’t so expensive then a lot more people would have them. I’ve tried them they are cool and a great way to get around locally.

    The Lisa, while it failed financially in the end it was ahead of it’s time and the evolution of some of it’s key features are still used today.

    The Irony of the wang pc’s failure is that it was incompatable with the IBM pc because the wang pc was using a 16bit pipe compared to the IBM 8bit. Yep failing from the front.

    The blackberry is another of the many smartphones that have proven themselves useful and are here to stay until their eventual replacement with whatever cool thing will replace them.

    So stop spreading your naive, ignorant, myopic, and misplaced hate all over. Instead shut your overworked mouth and let the collective IQ of humanity increase because of it.

  • Parrhesia

    Yea pinky sucks that you didn’t have the foresight I did when I started thinking about buying one last August/September.

    I went to google and did this little known thing called a search, and I found out hey the ipad had a few things people would like different, but not to worry the new one should be out in first quarter of the new year.

    You really don’t have a right to complain you’ve owned your piece of equipment for 7 months from an industry that is notorious for having a 6 month turn over.

  • Hello, its just me

    Same here pinky! I just bought an ipad and now I could cut a bitc*.. Sure I love my ipad 1 but the ipad 2 is smaller, lighter, has 2 cameras, sweet cases, and all that jazz. I wish we would be able to trade in your old ipad for the new ipad with the same gigs and all that for like 100 bucks or so.. that would be super great

  • Anth

    Why would you think they would do that??? You have had the ipad for 7 months now. There is no way in heck BB will give you credit for the ipad. Do your research next time. Apple upgrades all their product once every year. An iphone 5 is coming this summer. Im sure verizon customers are going to be whining as well.

  • Lucasrowdy57

    All u have to do us turn the brightness down

  • Pink_babyrose

    Wow im so pissed thati just bought my ipad in september and now they come out with an ipad 2 ? are you kidding me, i shouldve just waited until now to freaking buy the ipad 2, then again i bought it at bestbuy but im going to go to bestbuy and ask them if i can return this one and pay like $0-100 more and get the new iPad 2. ah so frustrating.

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  • holmes

    If they made a microwave the size of an iPad, I would buy it.

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  • Donelson

    Why would I want an IPad when it is so slow to input text without a mechanical keyboard? If I were to buy a keyboard for it, I might as well use a laptop.

  • Cvbcvb


  • Scott

    a screen that would allow the use to read a book in sunlight would be great, I have to keep a Kindle around just to read a book at the beach

  • Shane ‘n’ Michele


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  • Jker

    MMy poo poo comes out of my ass so creamy and yummy

  • Pedro

    who needs that crap

  • Gaylord

    thanks for wasting more screen space with disgustingly disgruntle remark, Gimp

  • vagabond

    can the facebook chat be used with the 2?

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  • Dhedrick

    Wow,its impressive for sure,I want one!
    too bad I would have to get 2 new phones and 2 new laptops in order to actually use many of the features. That would bring the price up to about $5000 if I want to actually USE all the features.
    I guess I’ll just stick with open source software which allows me to socialize with people who do not belong to the apple cult.

  • IwantanIpad2

    Is there any news if the Ipad 2 will be used as an ereader in direct sunlight????

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  • Shelly

    I use yahoo and PBS all every day on my iPad. No problems. Also I use the NPR app.

  • Sevastapol

    Actuallythat was Wolfgang Pauli who said, “Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!”, Not only is it not right, it is not even wrong”. Ouch the ultimate technologist put down. And quite appropriate reagarding the iPad2. People will still suck it up. You have to admit that Apple’s marketing department is good at extending a product market window without briging real hardcore IP and game changing functionality to the fore. In television they have a name for it, going into syndication. In short a “ReRun”

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  • Raymond155568

    Yeah, the apple marketing technique. But their iPad is dawn great (and i’m really NOT an apple fan).
    Eager to see the next evolution of the “post-PC era “. Whoever will get the market, the tablet is the future.

  • Anonymous

    For a guy who’s first Apple computer was an Apple II, then the IIe, the IIg, AND lastly the traditional Macintosh with ONE MEGABYTE of RAM; who was around and using DOS, DOS 3.3, PRODOS; whose first floppy was 5 and 1/4 ; whose FIRST ONLINE experience was a MODEM at 300 BAUD and then 1200 BAUD; before the Internet all you had was dial up and user groups; dot matrix printers; and green monochrome monitors the SIZE OF YOUR MICROWAVE, the APPLE iPAD 2 IS A DOWN RIGHT MIRICLE AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ONE COMPLAINT FROM ALL OF YOU SPOILED TECHIE YOUNGSTERS! BE HAPPY WITH WHAT U HAVE!

  • Tinthing

    The iPad seem like a nice gadget.. Being an environmentalist and the type that trys to buy from responsible corporations means I’ll probably never get an Apple product. Apple’s corporate giving is close to $0 while the likes of Exxon, Google and Microsoft give 100’s of millions (each) to support communities etc..

    And for crying out loud apple, give the green/envy/put down based marketing a break. Not many science and social breakthroughs are made with the help of apple products. The “geeks and nerds” you degrade are the ones extending your life Mr Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    still not sure if i should make the purchase, but i am definitely looking into it.
    check out my review, pros and cons included at

  • Pixelised

    Use Skyfire for browsing :P

  • Harrisb

    Be careful what you wish for. I am an ebay dealer of the Google Android 2.2 E11 and the Android 816. Although I have not seen HoneyComb, I can tell you that 2.2 is kinky. It does a lot that the IPad does not but there are problems unique to Andriod. If its important to you I will share some of the info via direct email.

    Bob Harris ([email protected])

  • Kevinpeden

    If only Apple would allow flash content to be viewed. It seems ridiculous that apple and adobe can’t get along and play well. This is the only thing I dislike on my iPhone. I have been to 4 sites today that all use flash. Apple needs to allow people to use their property as they see fit. The xoom at least will do this

  • ivabign

    Yeah, upgradeable to 4G – someday and you will have to ship it away for a week or more – then you have to pay extra for 4G – vaporware

  • reggie

    You want to sell it for cheap?

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