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Next iPad to get some “face time?”

A grainy, fuzzy photo may suggest Apple is working on adding FaceTime, its face-to-face video call technology, to the next generation iPad. The move would add two cameras to the iPad, one front facing and one the back with a microphone.

FaceTime was introduced with the iPhone 4, and is now available on the new iPod touch, introduced last week.

A site dedicated to Apple stories, including rumors, 9to5 Mac claims the image (below) is an “iPad testing next-gen firmware in the field and those settings are for video call debugging.” 9to5 Mac adds the debug screen is similar to those spotted shortly before the iPhone 4 was launched earlier this year.

As we reported previously, new 5.6- and 7-inch iPads may arrive later in the year, or early next year.  The smaller models would evidently target the e-book reader market, separating them from the 9.7-inch model, which mainly targets multimedia entertainment.

What do you think?  How likely is it that the new iPad will feature a camera, possibly more than one, and Face Time capabilities?

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  • Natasha

    I don’t no how to do face to face!

  • ipad application development

    Face Time is one of the main missing features of the present iteration of the iPad, so it would be great if they added it in the next iteration.

  • Jono

    Apple would be stupid not to add two cameras to the iPad, they have the ability too, and everyone got really rather upset that the current model didn’t include an iSight.

  • Peecube

    Whatever, just can’t wait too long for the next Gen iPad!

  • 0x2001f1f

    if the ipad is smaller tan what it is now… Count me out! not buying

  • Kirk

    I am sure the next generation of iPad will have facetime, the MacBooks have it, iMacs have it, iPhones have it, and now iPod touches have it. It’s the only thing the iPad is really missing, though it is honestly not enough of an improvement to the already wonderful iPad for me to buy a new one.

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