iPad receives full desktop version Google Docs

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Those with an iPad who use Google Docs can take their productivity to the next level.

After last month adding new editing features to Google Docs including: enabling writers and fans of spreadsheets to enjoy storage, live editing, and collaboration of spreadsheets and documents using their iPad, Google has taken their suite of products a step further.

Googles latest update to Google Docs provides the capabilities from the full desktop version of Google Docs to the iPad.

Edits to documents, regardless of type, can now be accomplished simply by opening the desktop version of the document editor. If spreadsheets are more to your liking, all that’s required is opening the desktop version to insert the formula or make other additions.

Once youve found the right font or edited the spreadsheet to your heart’s content, one can switch back to the mobile version on one’s iPad.  It’s dead simple to do and should make all users of Google Docs smile the largest of smiles.

Are you a Google Docs user?  Do the latest updates to Google Docs for use on the iPad please you and do you find them simple to use?

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