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LeBron James’ new shoe store – “Unknwn” – to feature 45 iPads to enhance shopping experience

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LeBron James, star of the Miami Heat, and one of the faces of the NBA, has a new shoe store which will use the iPad to create a shoe-shopping experience unlike any other.

The shoe store, “Unknwn,” will feature 45 iPads scattered around the premises, allowing customers to have an interactive shopping experience.

The specialized iPads from iPad Enclosures will reportedly offer “user controlled interaction with a single product.”

At each iPad station customers can access information on every shoe for sale including: stylish clothing and sneaker combinations, sneaker pricing, and technical specifications.

Apple stores offer similar product information via the iPad, but with James’ new venture and other companies featuring in-store iPad use like Walgreens and Saks Fifth Avenue, more and more companies are using the device to attract and assist customers.

Do you think having iPads in stores enhances the shopping experience? What other companies would you like to see integrate the iPad into their stores? Let us know in the comments section below!

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