IK Multimedia Presents New Accessories!


IK Multimedia, the company that brings so many great iPad/iPhone accessories and apps to musicians is announcing the release of 2 new accessories. First the iRig STOMP, a stompbox for guitar interface for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Second, the iRig Mic Cast, an super compact and portable voice recording microphone.

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January 9th in iOS, iPhone by

First Apple iPhone Announced 5 Years Ago Today


Exactly five years ago today, Steve Jobs walked on stage at Macworld 2007 and announced a device that would change the smartphone industry forever, the iPhone. Read on…

January 8th in iPad 2, iPad News, iPhone by

Apple’s iPad Reaches 3 Billion Apps Downloaded Milestone


Owners of Apple’s iPad enjoy downloading apps from the App Store, having done so 3 billion times in the first year and a half since the iPad first hit the hands of consumers. Read on…

Review : Billie The Unicorn in 3D for iPad


Billie the Unicorn embodies everything there is to like about iPad storybook apps. Animations, illustrations, narration, a great story, hidden gems, and interactions! It features Billie the unicorn, who leaves the cornfield home for the forest where her cousins (Rhubarb and Smudge) grow delightful flowers, that are more beautiful than anyone could possibly imagine. Billie learns much along her journey, and that raising a garden of beautiful flowers takes skill, hard work, and lots of love. However, Billie soon finds the legend of the Queen’s amazing garden too much to handle and sets off to see it. But things are not always what they seem. Read on…

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iPad Falls More Than 100,000 Feet From Space and Survives [Video]


G-Form, makers of shock-absorbing carrying cases for iPads, attached an encased iPad to a weather balloon, sent it up over 100,000 feet, then burst the balloon, letting the iPad hurtle to the ground.

The iPad emerges from the case unscathed and “fully functional.”  Read on…

January 5th in iPad 2, iPad News by

LeBron James’ new shoe store – “Unknwn” – to feature 45 iPads to enhance shopping experience

lebron james iPad shoes

LeBron James, star of the Miami Heat, and one of the faces of the NBA, has a new shoe store which will use the iPad to create a shoe-shopping experience unlike any other. Read on…

OrganiDoc HD – Powerful file management and more for your iPad

OrganiDoc HD for iPad

There are numerous document management and viewing apps for both the Apple iPad for download from the iTunes App Store.  None are as feature-rich, dead simple to use and worth jumping at one’s first opportunity to purchase, as is OrganiDoc HD. Read on…

Review : The Architect Stylus


The iPad is designed to work without a stylus. Or at least without a stylus that you are not born with. However, many people have found that writing and such with your finger is not the most ideal solution. It works, but for long note-taking it’s really not the best situation. Therefore designers and accessory makers have been filling this void nicely.

There are obviously some that are more well made than others, but each stylus I’ve reviewed does it’s job “well enough”. It’s all really about personal taste, and when it comes to the Architect Stylus, you’re getting a stylus that is comfortable to hold, and works with the iPad screen nicely. Read on…

January 3rd in iPad 2, iPad News by

Analyst claims Kindle Fire may have cost Apple 1-2 million iPad customers


Morgan Keegan analyst Travis McCourt believes Amazon’s Kindle Fire may have taken one to two million iPad customers from Apple during the holiday season. Read on…

January 3rd in iOS, iPad 2, iPad News, iPhone, Mac by

Thousands lineup in Japan for Apple’s ‘Lucky Bags’


Apple Stores in Japan have continued the fukubukuro or “mystery bag” tradition, where sealed bags of merchandise are offered on New Year’s Day at a hefty discount. Read on…

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