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Would Your Child Like to Be an App Star?

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I reviewed “Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island” a little while ago and found it a very nice addition to our iPad for the kids. Now the creators are launching a contest that parents will either love, or hate. Kids will love the idea though, I know mine did. The details are below. Check it out and get those submissions in before the end of the month.

Would Your Child Like to Be an App Star?

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This Week in iPad 3 News


This week has been rather interesting for Apple and the Apple community, with lots of new rumors spreading, especially regarding the upcoming iPad 3.

An iPhone 5 prototype was misplaced by an Apple employee at a tequila bar in San Francisco. Interestingly enough, this is similar to an incident that occurred last year just about a week before the iPhone 4 was released. But this is an iPad website, so what does this have to do with anything? Simple: the iPhone shares some pretty big similarities with the iPad, so if the lost iPhone is leaked like how it was last time, we may get a small glimpse of the iPad, too.

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Review : AluPen + AluCube for iPad


A while back I reviewed the AluPen from Just Mobile, and found it to be an extremely good stylus for the iPad. I still use it, and still love it. However, one thing I had always hated was just leaving it sitting out on my desk. I like all my things to have a home, and never found the perfect place to house the AluPen. Eventually I regulated to stuffing it in a drawer and pulling it out when needed. The second thing I always had trouble with was bringing with me. For some reason just shoving it in my pocket felt odd.

Thankfully, Just Mobile has solved these two issues with their newly released AluPen + AluCube ($39.95) for the combo via Just Mobile. Read on…

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iPad 2 TV Ad – “Learn”

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Apple has released its latest TV Ad for the iPad 2, this one titled “Learn”, which is fitting as most children are back to school or will be within the week.

Just as all iPad commercials before it, “Learn” takes the approach of showcasing the great apps and tasks that can be done using the iPad, this time, for learning. With more and more schools adopting the iPad in classrooms the timing of the commerical and its message could not be more clear.  Read on…

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iPad 3 Update, Rumor Roundup, and More


It’s no secret that the iPad 3 is in the works by Apple, but it does seem that Apple is trying to keep almost every other aspect of it secret. Because countless rumors have been spread and leaked, it is nearly impossible to predict what features the iPad 3 will actually hold. Read on…

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Spotify’s Lack of iPad App


I waited in anticipation for Spotify to land in the United States. I had heard so many great things about it leading up to the launch that I just knew I had to get in on this as quickly as possible. Finally, I received my invite, tested the free service, and was recently granted a 6 month free premium upgrade as a gift. I was very excited and loaded up the app on my iPhone. Then went to the iPad to do the same.

Opps. I must have keyed it in wrong. I’ll try again. Nope. I didn’t key it wrong, they actually don’t have an iPad app! Read on…

Review : Padacs Rubata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2


Today I am testing out a new keyboard case for the iPad 2 by Padacs, the Rubata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case ($79.95). Some users think such a case is pointless with the on-screen virtual keyboard, while others rush to such cases and find them necessary for their content creation. I personally find myself somewhere in the middle. Many have emailed me about such cases though, and thanks to the folks at Padacs who were generous enough to supply one to me for this review, I can bring information about this particular case to you today.

There is a lot to like about the Rubata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case, and a few things to be aware of before purchasing it. Read on…

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Steve Jobs announces resignation from Apple


The man who brought us the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, the iPad and many other groundbreaking products, Steve Jobs, has announced his resignation from Apple, suggesting that Tim Cook be named his permanent replacement as CEO.

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Review : Day One for iOS and Mac


Day One is a journaling app for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The iOS app is universal, but obviously one must purchase the Mac app separately if you wish to sync the devices together. For the time being the apps use an existing Dropbox account to keep everything together, but it appears that in the future they intend to use iCloud as well. I’ve been pretty impressed with this app and have a new found joy in keeping a journal.

So what exactly does Day One do? Read on…

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Clinic pilots iPad app for concussion diagnosis


The iPad is revolutionizing many industries, healthcare being one of them.  Dentistry is one of the areas we’ve profiled, and now we learn the Cleveland Clinic is conducting a pilot study of a concussion-diagnosis application created by its researchers for Apple’s iPad 2. Read on…

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