July 14th in iPhone by

Report claims iPhone 5 will be released on August 7


According to a “reliable industry source” speaking with Know Your Mobile, Apple will announce the next iPhone on Aug 7. Read on…

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Apple expected to break iPad sales records with 20 million sold in Q2


Apple is projected to report record breaking sales of 20 million iPads during the June quarter. 

 Read on…

July 12th in App Reviews, Games by

Review : iStunt 2 HD – Snowboard for iPad


iStunt 2 HD – Snowboard is the iPad version of the very similar popular online game from Miniclip, and is well worth a look if you love time killing games. I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest gamer by far. I don’t own multiple gaming consoles, and the one I do own (Nintendo Wii) is for the kids, and it rarely gets used. I tend to like games that don’t take tons of time to learn, don’t make me play for hours on end just to accomplish a small goal, and don’t make me have to “think”. For this reason I’m a huge fan of games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. This is exactly why I love iStunt 2 HD. It’s simple enough to just pick up and play, but difficult enough at times to keep me from becoming bored or “finishing” it within a day. Read on…

July 12th in iPad, iPad News by

NBA’s top free-agent, Deron Williams, signs new contract using iPad



The NBA’s most coveted free agent this offseason just signed his new contract with the Brooklyn Nets, almost an hour after players could do so, from his hotel room in Las Vegas. Read on…

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Next Issue launches iPad app, like Netflix for magazines

Next Issue

Next Issue Media–a joint venture formed by Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp. and Time Inc. has launched its digital newsstand app for the iPad.

The app will provide access to 39 magazine titles including Bon Appetit, Brides, Golf Digest, GQ, Self and more. Read on…

Review : Welcome To Monster Isle in 3D for iPad


Mobad Games has produced a few iPad storybook apps for kids that are pretty darn good. My kids frequently read and interact with them, even after they know the stories almost by heart. The latest app, Welcome to Monster Isle, isn’t their best offering, but it’s pretty decent nonetheless.

The adventure starts on a short boat tour that goes awry. The tourists land stranded on an island that just so happens to be the home to, well, monsters. The monsters themselves aren’t particularly scary and the story tries to weave in plenty of comedy and fun, which plays out a little odd at times, but makes for an interesting app and read for kids. Read on…

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UK judge declares Apple iPad cooler than Samsung’s Galaxy tablets


Samsung Electronics today won the latest battle in its worldwide patents war with Apple, but the ruling isn’t a complete positive. Read on…

July 8th in iPad, iPad News, iPhone, Mac by

Apple faces new suits in China over Siri and Snow Leopard


Apple’s legal situation in China just got more complicated now that they have been sued by two more Chinese companies after having just reached a settlement with another. Read on…

Review : WeMo Switch & iPad/iPhone App


Having an automated house is something many of us truly desire, but the cost of outfitting an existing home is tough for many of us to overcome. Thankfully products like the Nest thermostat and the Belkin WeMo exist to help.

The WeMo Switch is a simple device that plugs into a wall outlet, and then allows you to control power to whatever you have plugged into it. I’ve used a simple lamp in my living room. Read on…

Review : ClamCase for iPad


With the recent introduction of the Microsoft Surface a renewed interest in using a keyboard with the iPad has certainly taken place, or at least judging from my inbox it has. I’ve tried various keyboard cases for the iPad over the last few years, for the most part they do the intended job, but they all fall short of actually replicating the desired function in a way that is pleasing, which is to turn the iPad into a laptop of sorts. That is until I tried the ClamCase. Read on…

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