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Apple patent hints at 3D imaging on iPhone and iPad


A very interesting Apple patent has been uncovered with some excellent implications for those who enjoy capturing photos with an iPad and iPhone.   Read on…

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Shift – a live video sliding puzzle game


Did you play with those sliding puzzle games when you were a kid? The ones where you have to move pieces around to solve to a picture? Then this app might be for you. Read on…

Review: Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Case for the new iPad and iPad 2


Typing on the iPad’s touchscreen isn’t for everyone with some wanting a physical keyboard to use with their tablet. If you want a lightweight keyboard/case option for your new iPad or the iPad 2, the Keyboard Buddy from Boxwave may be what you’ve been waiting for. Let’s find out. Read on…

Review : iShine Sleeve for iPad and iPhone


I recently received two iShine microfiber cloth bags to review. One for the iPad and one iPhone sized. What’s interesting about these bags is that they look like microfiber clothes that one would use to clean their glass-screened devices with. In fact that’s exactly what they’re made from. The only difference is this company has turned a one-purpose item (cloth), into a 2 purpose item (cloth and carrying bag). Basically it works just simple as can be. You take your iShine bag, put your device in it, and it will protect it from minor scratches while it’s traveling in a bag or purse, or as is the case with my iPhone, while in my pocket. It will help remove some (if not all) of the smudges naturally and without any effort on your part. Anything that doesn’t automatically come off, well, you have your cloth to wipe it off already in hand. Read on…

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More than 50% of U.S. homes own at least one Apple product


A new study from CNBC‘s All-America Economic Survey has revealed that over half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product. The data means nearly 55 million homes have at least one iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, with an average of 1.6 Apple products per home. Read on…

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New iPad offers 24 hours of battery life as 4G LTE hotspot

ipad hotspot.jpg

The Verge has run some tests and confirmed an earlier report that the new iPad can operate as a Verizon LTE h The Verge has run some tests and confirmed an earlier report that the new iPad can operate as a Verizon LTE hotspot for over 24 hours provided the Retina display remains off. Read on…

Review : Biscuit’s Birthday for the iPad


When asked to review Biscuit’s Birthday, an app that is part of a storybook series, I wondered if missing the first 4 would be a problem. Turns out, it didn’t change how my kids used the app, how they understood it, or interacted with it…but it did make purchasing the previous titles a necessity at our house after going through “Birthday” too many times to count! So needless to say, my kids loved this!

Biscuit’s Birthday tells the tale of an adorable little puppy. Today, it’s his birthday and you, reader, are invited to the party! Read on…

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New iPad now available in 25 more countries

New iPad

Apple’s new iPad will be available in 25 additional countries starting today. Read on…

“Angry Birds Space” is now available!


Love it or hate it, it’s hard not to know about the world of Angry Birds these days. For those who are in the “love it” category, today is the day you’ve been waiting for…the release of “Angry Birds Space”. From kids, to teens, to adults…it seems Rovio has really hit on something that grabs people from all ages.

It’s available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and many other platforms. Read on…

March 21st in Mac by

Have $10,000? Buy a Gold Plated 27″ iMac


We’ve seen some ridiculously expensive iPad designs – here and here – but nothing shows you have a lot of money and nothing better to do with it like buying a $10,000 gold plated 27″ iMac. Read on…

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