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95% of iPad use occurs indoors


A new study indicates that despite the availability of 3G and 4G LTE connectivity, most iPad use occurs indoors over WiFi. Read on…

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Apple Retail Stores replacing iMacs with iPads in children’s section

Apple iPad Release

Apple Retail Stores began proliferating the world more than 10 years ago, and now there are 357 stores worldwide, employing 36,000 people.  As first noted by iMore Apple has made a change to the children’s section of their stores,  replacing the iMacs with iPads. Read on…

Review : Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales Animated Storybook


Hansel and Gretel (by Epic Tales) is a classic tale that I was happy review and share with my kids. This particular version of the storybook app is filled with great graphics and tons of animations that are on par with some of the best storybook apps out there.

Starting with the graphics, this is one of the most perfect illustrations I’ve come across while doing these types of reviews. It’s spot-on. The animations are great additions, and I actually like that my kids had to wait to “touch interact” with them until the words were read or had cleared the screen. It made them HAVE to pay attention to the story and not just “play around”…which has it’s own mode anyways. Read on…

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25% iPad owners say it’s their first Apple device


About 25 percent of all iPad purchasers are new to the Apple brand. Read on…

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We’re giving away a new iPad!


That’s right … we’re giving away a shiny new iPad (the 2012 edition) with 16GB and Wi-Fi in the color of your choice. Read on…

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Apple Q2 earnings up 93% on sales of 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads


Smartphone and tablet maker Apple said second-quarter earnings jumped 93% in the March quarter, boosted largely by stronger-than-expected iPhone sales. Read on…

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Chinese official says Apple doesn’t own iPad trademark


New comments from Proview Technology show that the company thinks it is “likely” to settle with Apple out of court in the iPad trademark feud between the two firms. While Apple has been vigorously fighting Proview’s claims in China, a Proview attorney told the AP that the company always expected to settle with Apple. Read on…

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NFL’s Denver Broncos adopt iPad as their playbook


Those gigantic, 500-page paper playbooks that players, coaches, and other staff are forced to carry around will soon be a thing of the past for another NFL team.  Read on…

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Android way behind iOS in US mobile traffic

Chitika iOS 1

Despite Android being a fierce competitor to iOS, it has a long way to go before catching up to the dominant operating system out there.  Read on…

Review : Builda the Re-Bicycler for iPad


In the land of Midlandia everyone is bicycle-crazy, they can’t get enough of their bike peddling ways…however, they are not the most environmentally conscious people…and it’s finally caught up with them! Midlandia’s dump is overflowing with discarded bicycles, and someone has to do something about it. People of Midlandia just toss out bikes likes it’s nothing, and something has to be done! Builda decides she is the one who has to make a plan to fix this horrible problem…and off goes this fun and entertaining storybook for kids for the iPad. Read on…

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