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Predict the Outcome of Apple vs. Samsung With the Verdict-O-Matic


Apple vs. Samsung trial information can be lengthy, dry and boring, even to those – myself included – who enjoys the wonderful world of law.

That said, this is the age of the Internet, can’t someone just sum it up for you in a handy infographic? Yes, they can. Read on…

Polaris Office: A Fully-Loaded Mobile Office Suite for the iPad and iPhone

Polaris Office

There comes a time in every iPhone or iPad owner’s life when accessing and/or editing Microsoft Office files is a necessity.

While there are many interesting options for doing so in the iTunes App Store – especially for iPad owners – few are as feature-rich as Polaris Office. Read on…

Review : US+U Swivel ProFolio Case for the New iPad


The Swivel ProFolio by Us+U is a nice two-panel iPad case, that is surprisingly lightweight and easy to use. It’s versatile, and great for those who need to use the iPad for “showing things” to people, due to built-in hand-strap. It may feel a little bulky, but that’s due to the hand-strap itself, otherwise it feels great. It’s made of a high-quality ballistic nylon and lined with micro-fiber suede. Basically, it feels very nice, and looks nice too. Read on…

An actual typewriter for your iPad


Go retro with iTypewriter for iPad

Who can resist bringing some of the old tech to the new? This actual typewriter has rubber feet on its typebars to strike the screen at the right spots so you can relive the glory days of touch typing:

It is a typewriter for the ipad. Users can enjoy the old feeling
of typing and also the lastest technology. Even though the
elder users who have never used the computer or ipad, they
can use this familiar typewriter and type in the familiar
operation way.

More at iTypewriter.

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Review : Be a Buddy, Not a Bully for iPad


The latest storybook from the magical Midlandia is one that comes just in time for school. Too many kids are the recipients of bullying these days, and whether some realize it or not, it has become a huge problem within the schools today. As an educator I can tell you first-hand that it can be much worse than anything I ever witnessed growing up. I applaud the designers for trying to tackle such a big issue in a children’s storybook app for the iPad. Read on…

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12 Animals of Chinese Year: An easy way to learn Chinese

12 Animals of Chinese year

Learning a second language is never easy and often it’s not fun. While adults have a more difficult time with acquiring another language, children’s brains are able to grasp new language more easily. Read on…

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TextbookMe Cheap Textbooks


Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when students are getting all their essentials for school, and parents are trying to figure out how to pay for them. Thankfully, just in time for back-to-school textbook shopping, TextbookMe – The Cheap Textbook Search Engine, is here to let users compare textbook prices at all the online stores. Find the lowest price available quickly and easily with their new app! Read on…

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Apple suppliers report record July sales as new iPhone launch approaches


Apple suppliers report that they enjoyed their best July yet in terms of sales. The report leads many analysts to predict that Apple could have their biggest product launches in history later on this year. Read on…

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Apple offering refurbished new iPads at $50 off

New iPad

Apple has begun selling refurbished third-generation iPads for the first time, a check of the company’s online store shows. Read on…

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New iPad Commercial “All on iPad” Debuts


Last night Apple took the wraps off their latest iPad commercial, titled “All on iPad”. It features the now customary sequence of things one can use the iPad for, and the apps used to do so. From reading, cooking, pictures, videos, music, presentations, and more…all on the beautiful retina display on the iPad.

It’s nice to see Apple sticking with this formula after deviating with their Mac commercials during the Olympics with the “Genius” advertisements. There is just something about showing off the product, what it can do, and how users can or are using it, that just sets these ads apart from the competition in my opinion. Read on…

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