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Review : Toca House for iPad


By this point parents and kids have both come to expect great things from a new Toca Boca app release. From Hair Salon, Kitchen, Store, Paint My Wings, Tea Party, Doctor, and others…each app has done a tremendous job of holding interest, offering engaging interactive play, with great use of imagination.

With their latest release, Toca House, the tradition lives on. While I will say it’s not AS great as their previous apps (my opinion), it still has all the right pieces, engages my kids, and allows for creative play of real world activities on a digital medium (the iPad)….oh, and my kids love it (that’s what matters). Read on…

February 23rd in iPad 2, iPad News, Mac by

Apple Tops Mobile PC Market Thanks to the iPad


Apple dominated the mobile computer category for the fourth quarter of 2011, with a 26.6 percent market share, according to NPD DisplaySearch. Read on…

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ABC Nightline Report from Inside Apple’s Foxconn Factory [Video]


ABC News’ Nightline Reporter Bill Weir took a look inside Foxconn, the factory which also happens to be Apple’s biggest supplier, where iPods, iPhones and iPads are all made. Read on…

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How Digital Books are Changing the Classroom [Infographic]

iPad Education

Last month Apple unveiled a new push to disrupt education and reinvent the textbook through use of the iPad, iBook Author and iBooks version 2.  Read on…

February 20th in iPad 3, iPad News by

New Images Indicate iPad 3 to Feature Tapered Shell and Larger Camera Lens


When Apple unveils the next version of the iPad, not only might it feature a Retina Display, but may also come equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and a slightly tapered shell.   Read on…

February 19th in iPad 3, iPad News by

Microscopic Evidence the iPad 3 Will Have a 2048×1536 Resolution Retina Display


The idea of Apple adding a Retina Display to the next version of the iPad has been a wish for many and rumored by many more. Now, MacRumors claims to have the first definitive evidence the iPad 3 will have a Retina Display. Read on…

February 17th in iPad News by

Proview Ready to Sue Apple in the U.S. for $2 Billion Over Rights to iPad Name


Boy Genius Report is reporting Chinese computer firm Proview Technology is ready to take its case of iPad trademark infringement to the United States, seeking $2 billion dollars in damages. The additional amount may be tacked on to the $1.5 billion the company has already sought in a lawsuit filed in China. Read on…

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MealGuru Eliminates Dining Decisions by Planning Your Meals For You


As our lives grow increasingly busy, eating well can be difficult, if not impossible. Shunning nutriotous meals made at home in favor of fast food, for many, has become the norm. But for those with an iPad there’s hope in the form of a tremendous app, MealGuru. Read on…

February 15th in iPad 3, iPad News by

iPad 3 Release Scheduled for March 7 as Rumors of Smaller Version Again Appear


It was less than a week ago that we reported sources claiming Apple would announce the next version of the iPad the first week of March.  Now the consensus is Apple will unveil the iPad 3 on March 7. Read on…

Review : G.2 iPad 2 Case by Germanmade


There are plenty of cases out there that try and keep the beautiful iPad from being hidden from view, so that its sleek design is front and center. And there are plenty of good ones that do this. However, not everyone is obsessed with how the iPad looks all by itself, but instead want a case that provides great function and style for their fancy device. One such case that does this is the G2 for iPad 2 by Germanmade…and let’s just say it does it beautifully! Read on…

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