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Apple iPad destroys tablet web traffic competition

World Wide Web

A new study from Onswipe reveals that the iPad accounts for nearly all web traffic originating from tablet devices. Read on…

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TSA Officer Fired for Stealing iPad in ABC News Sting

TSA iPad Theft

In an undercover sting operation, ABC News reporter Brian Ross intentionally left an Apple iPad at a TSA airport checkpoint, and the tablet was stolen by one of the screeners. Read on…

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iPhone, iPad thefts jump 40 percent in NYC

Apple Crime

According to a new New York City Police Department report,  theft of Apple devices accounts for 14.4 percent of New York’s major criminal activity. Read on…

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Camera+ for iPad launched, iPhone version receives slick new updates


Camera+, far and away my favorite app for taking and editing photos on the iPhone, has now made its way to the iPad with the iPhone version has received some super new updates. Read on…

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Bad Piggies HD for iPad Is Here!


If you’re a huge fan of Angry Birds, and let’s face it there are plenty of you…some openly admit it, others pretend that they are not but, we know the truth…then you’re wait for the next thing is over. From the creators of Angry Birds comes Bad Piggies, an all new game from the Pigs’ point of view, and it’s sure to be a hit.

From the looks of the demos, my first few minutes of playing, and the video (embedded below), this is a different type of game from Angry Birds (which is good), but will be just as addictive and time-killing, which is good…but also bad for productivity all over the world! Read on…

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SlotSpot: Super slot machine fun on your iPhone and iPad, anytime, anywhere


The first time I ever “gambled” I was 12 and my grandma let me pull the lever on a Las Vegas slot machine out of the watchful eye of casino officials trying to prevent such tomfoolery. Needless to say that first gamble didn’t pay off, unfortunately. Read on…

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Review : Rounds: Frankin Frog for iPad


Rounds: Franklin Frog is a life science app for kids, from a frogs perspective. It allows children to involve themselves in each stage of a frog’s life and learn all about the life cycle and more.

The apps lets kids participate and take part in all things frogs do, from eating and hopping, to having baby tadpoles that turn into frogs. There are plenty of facts and information spread throughout the app to make it educational, but its all done in a fun way that my kids found very entertaining. Read on…

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Americans Have Spent $5.9 Billion on Damaged iPhones


SquareTrade has released a new study that shows damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their introduction in 2007. Read on…

Review : The Spigen SGP Hardbook.S for the New iPad Case


The Spigen SGP Hardbook.S Case for the New iPad features a classy design made with high quality materials that nicely protects your New iPad but with a touch of elegance. Many cases out there feature a “book style” design to them, but there is something about this particular case that really stands out…it’s professional, functional, and simple. It features cutouts for all the necessary ports and backside camera, as well as a cutout for the speaker. What’s great about the speaker cut out is that it doesn’t just let the sound head out the back, but instead reflects it back towards the user…or at least that’s how it felt to me when I used it. Either way, the speaker cut out works well, and nothing is given up by using the case itself. Read on…

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iOS 6 Users Criticize Apple Maps App


Following the release of iOS 6 yesterday, some users expressed voiced their displeasure with Apple’s new Maps app, in terms of the information it provided and the speed of the cloud-based app.   Read on…

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