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Steve Jobs claims posthumous victory as Adobe abandons mobile Flash


Adobe first claimed they didn’t need the iPad and iPhone, then changed their mind, announcing they were making Flash more iOS friendly, and now the company will stop developing Flash on future mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), and will instead focus its efforts on HTML5 development. Read on…

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iOS 5 update fails to cure iPhone battery woes for some, adds new problems


Some iPhone 4S owners continue to complain of poor battery life, and some new problems after Thursday’s update of iOS 5. Read on…

iSkin – Premium Accessories for iPhone, iPad, and iPod


iSkin is a company that produces a variety of cases for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. I had never used one of their products so when it was recommended I check them out, I asked for a couple review items and they graciously provided two for me to get a good idea as what they were about…so I could pass that information along to you all. Read on…

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Kindle Fire vs. iPad – The buying public speaks out [Infographic]

iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire

After Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire in September some believed the device would be the iPad’s strongest tablet competitor to date due to several factors: price, size, and content availability. Read on…

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Survey claims 25 percent of iPad owners only use the device once a week


Despite selling 11.1 million iPads in the September quarter and estimates that Apple will sell 14 million more in the current quarter, a new survey claims only 25 percent of iPad owners use their device only once a week. Read on…

Softsign – Sign documents and more on your iPad and iPhone


Many would not find an app touting the “the ability to sign legal documents, contracts and forms on your iPhone and iPad” as exciting, but Softsign IS exciting, offering much more than document signing. Read on…

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How a Retina Display on the iPad 3 would benefit doctors and pilots


Aviation and healthcare are two examples of areas where the iPad has been adopted to assist those working in both industries, but also the public they serve.  Adding a Retina Display to the iPad 3 would not only be an excellent feature for consumers, it would also afford pilots and medical professionals to use the iPad in more meaningful ways. Read on…

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Enough Is Enough Rumor Mill! The Real Truth About the Next iPad.

ipad (1)

This is a guest post by Mariana Ashley.

Normally I’m fine with a few “educated guesses” and speculative reporting on whatever new Apple product is currently in development. After all, I think it is healthy to start dialogues over the trends and progress of technology in addition to allowing users to outline their hopes, desires, and expectations for the upcoming Apple devices.

However, as soon as tech tabloids publish an absurd tidbit of information about the iPad 3 “according to sources from the upstream supply chain” (what does that really mean, anyway?), and then every other somewhat-legitimate tech news source spreads the rumors virally as if prophesied from a burning bush, I tend to get a little annoyed. Remember when everyone thought the iPhone 4S was going to be called the iPhone 5? That was humorous, but now this is just sad.  Read on…

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iPad set to top 2011 tablet sales with strong holiday season

iPad 2 Christmas

After reporting sales of 11.1 million iPads in their most recent earnings announcment, Apple is set to take the crown for most coveted tablet sold with a 75 percent market share for the 2011 calendar year due in large part to even stronger predicted sales for the December quarter. Read on…

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Minesweeper Q for iPad – An explosion of classic gaming fun

Minesweeper Q for iPad

As a child my favorite PC game was minesweeper.  I wasn’t very good mind you, but that didn’t deter me from playing it over and over again. Minesweeper Q for iPad has rekindled my fascination with the game, one which seems custom-tailored for the iPad’s multi-touch screen. Read on…

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