Review : Violet’s 12 Days of Christmas


One of my favorite developers of children’s interactive storybooks for the iPad is My Black Dog Books, the makers of the Violet series. They’ve released some really great apps for children that my kids really enjoy, and each time they seem to find a way to pack more and more into their apps. This holiday season they’ve released another that while featuring the character from their Violet series, isn’t really in the same line as the predecessors. It’s still really great and my kids enjoyed it…

It’s called, “Violet’s 12 Days of Christmas”. Read on…

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MacXDVD is giving away DVD ripper software


That’s what I call a big giveaway. MacXDVD is giving away 30,000 (!) copies of their MacX DVD to MKV Ripper. With this program you can convert your DVDs to play on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

To claim your copy, visit this site and click the button “Get License Code”.

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New iPhone 4S ad shows Santa getting help from Siri


Apple has released a new Christmas-themed iPhone 4S commercial showing Santa Claus using Siri to help him on Christmas Eve. Read on…

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To gain an edge, NFL teams add iPad to roster


When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad he stressed that the device’s possibilities were limitless. Over a year and a half after the original iPad’s release we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the tablet’s potential.

The iPad could soon replace textbooks in schools and doctors charts in hospitals not to mention newspapers and novels. Read on…

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Quick Review : Simple Status for iPad/iPhone


With iOS 5 Apple has integrated Twitter into the OS. However, while users can send tweets simply and easily from within apps, there isn’t a real quick and simple way to post an update and move on. Most users are perfectly content with the speed of using a full-fledged app for updating their status, but others find that it takes just a bit too long to “get to it”.

That’s what Simple Status accomplishes.

Simple Status is a straightforward, does its thing and nothing else, app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s an easy and fast way to update your Facebook or Twitter status, or send an email crazy quick. Unlike launching the Twitter or Facebook or Mail apps on the device, Simple Status doesn’t have any new content to reload or update, it just opens, you enter your status and send it off. Read on…

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FAA approves iPad use for American Airlines pilots

iPad Airplane

The Federal Aviation Authority has reportedly given pilots at American Airlines approval to use Apple’s iPad ‘in all phases of flight.’ The device will be used to replace the traditional paper-based flight bag which pilots use during flights. Read on…

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Apple to have best quarter ever for tablet sales despite gains by Android


Despite missing Q3 sales forecasts, it is predicted more than 60 million tablet PCs will have shipped worldwide by the end of 2011 – well over half of them being Apple iPads. Read on…

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Let’s Create! Christmas


Just in time for the holidays is a great, fun, and creative app from the makers of Let’s Create! Pottery, Infinite Dreams Inc. The new app is titled, Let’s Create! Christmas, and let’s users create interesting and beautiful Christmas ornaments to be shared via an eCard.

Users are given an ornament to color, paint, and decorate as they see fit, and can even choose from a few shapes and styles. Change the background theme and a few other settings, and you’ve got yourself a nice little ornament. Read on…

Review : Toca Boca’s Toca Kitchen


It has gotten to the point that when my kids see and hear the opening logo sequence of any Toca Boca app they are instantly excited. That’s what happens when one creates so many great apps. Recognition. Once again Toca Boca have done just that with Toca Kitchen. This time around they have taken the “playing food/kitchen” aspect of being a kid and changed it around. Unlike the tea party app where kids set a table, eat, and pour tea and drinks, with this new app…kids cook food. Read on…

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Review : Harold at the North Pole for iPad


There are a few real paper books that made the transfer to the digital age of the iPad but failed, however there are also many that succeeded. Harold And The Purple Crayon is one that turned out to be great! Now the ever lovable Harold is back, and is visiting the North Pole.

Most children’s interactive books allow kids to move things around and place an emphasis on animations to get the point across. Harold is different. Children still interact with the content, but in this case it’s in an attempt to move the story along, not over stimulate, always allowing the actual content to be the main focus. Read on…

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