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Apple Brings iPhone and iPad Trade-In Program to Australia

iPhone 5s iPad mini Retina

Apple has gone down under with its iPad and iPhone trade-in program. Read on…

July 15th in Apple, iPad, iPad News, iPhone by

Apple and IBM Partner to Sell iPads and iPhones to Businesses

apple ibm

Apple and IBM have joined forces to deliver a powerful new business approach to the enterprise. Read on…

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British School Kids Launch iPhone Into Space

iphone space

If you’re like me, the last thing you’d ever want to do is launch your iPhone into space.

That’s why it’s better that a British school launched an iPhone into space to capture some incredible footage of said space before retrieving it. Read on…

Review: SlipStopper for iPhone and iPad


I’ve reviewed plenty of cases for the iPhone and iPad over the last few years, but on my daily driver I tend to not use one. I love the look of the devices when they don’t have anything in the way. That said, the SlipStopper is one of those products that may have changed that for me. Maybe. Read on…

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iTunes HD Movie Extras Come to Apple TV and More


One of my biggest gripes about iTunes movies has been the way Apple has handled “extras”. Those featurettes and interviews and all the bonus footage have always felt forgotten. Until now these things were just hard drive hogs that could only be watched on the Mac without being a chore. Read on…

July 10th in Apple by

Parenting Tools for iOS


Anyone who has tried to use the built-in iOS restrictions in the settings of the iPad or iPhone knows that while they have a decent amount of ability, it simply isn’t enough. While disabling various items is just a tap away, there is an overall missing piece to the puzzle. To me, that starts with remote management. Read on…

July 9th in Apple, iPhone by

The iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display Looks Ridiculously Strong

iPhone 6 1

Apple’s iPhones already have a fairly strong screen, but if reports are true the iPhone 6 screen will be even stronger. Read on…

New iPad Air 2 Pictures Leaked


New images reportedly showing the successor to the iPad Air, widely known as the iPad Air 2, have surfaced. Read on…

July 8th in Apple by

Apple’s New ‘Pride’ Video Celebrates LGBT Rights

LGBT Apple

Apple has posted a short video online celebrating the company’s diversity and commitment to LGBT right; a video in which Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, makes a short appearance wearing a special white T-shirt made for San Francisco’s annual LGBT parade. Read on…

iPhone Remains Best Selling Smartphone in U.S.


A recent ComScore report shows that Apple is once again the top smartphone maker in the U.S. The company’s share for last May reached 41.9 percent with a 0.6 increase compared to the figures last February. Read on…

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