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iOS 8 Beta 5, Handoff, And Mac Apps


Yesterday the newest iOS 8 beta (beta 5) went live for developers. I’ve been testing the iOS and Mac OS X betas off and on since their release, and the latest versions have got my mind moving in overdrive.

Stepping back to WWDC, there were a ton of announcements, but my favorite was the introduction of Continuity and Handoff. Handoff really made me standup and shout for joy. The idea that I can start something on one device and pick up right where I left off on another device, not just some “draft”, is the stuff of dreams. Being able to move from my iPhone to my iPad and just click or swipe and being exactly where I was on the other device, well, is amazing. Read on…

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Siri Appears in New Beats Pill Ad

siri and beats

Apple’s recent large acquisition, Beats Electronics, has posted a new video called ‘Apple and Beats’ that stars talking speakers and Apple’s iOS assistant, Siri.  Read on…

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Here’s What Happens When a Train Meets an iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S

Just how strong is Apple’s iPhone 5s you ask? Well, a new video shows just what happens when Apple’s flagship smartphone meets a speeding train.  Read on…

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Delta’s iPad App Lands Free In-Flight TV and Movies


Delta Airlines has updated its Fly Delta apps for the iPhone and iPad, allowing customers to access free in-flight entertainment through its new Delta Studio initiative. Read on…

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Apple Releases New ‘Dreams’ TV Ad for iPhone 5s

apple dreams iphone ad

Apple has launched a new television advertisement called “Dreams” in the U.S. that shows off its flagship phone, the iPhone 5s. Read on…

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In Case You Missed It – 8/01/2014

In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It

There is always so much going on in the world of technology and Apple, that sometimes things fall between the cracks.

Here are a few stories I’d like to toss in your direction.

New or old, just in case you missed them.
Read on…

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How to Make Your Very Own iPad


Don’t have the money to buy an Apple iPad? No problem! Read on…

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Apple TV Adds CNBC and FOX NOW Channels

Apple TV Fox CNBC

Apple has added two new channels to its Apple TV lineup. FOX NOW and CNBC are now available on the company’s money-making “hobby”. Read on…

July 29th in Apple by

Apple Buys Swell (The Pandora for Podcasts)


Apple has confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that they have indeed acquired what many have been referring to as “the Pandora for podcasts”, Swell. This is good news for those who love podcasts and are hoping to see Apple do something even more in the medium. The talk-radio service helped users find episodes and shows that were more tailored to their personal likes than simply just searching the store, something Apple has yet to bring to podcast listeners. Read on…

July 29th in Apple, iPhone by

New iPhone 6 Housing Video Leaked


From YouTuber iCrackUriDevice comes a new video featuring what could be the rear housing for Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6. Read on…

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