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Apple Updates iPod Touch Line Slightly


The iPod touch is Apple’s often overlooked iOS device. For a long time it was the iPhone without the phone for younger users whose parents just couldn’t think of a reason to put them on a data plan. Now, with smartphone users getting young and younger (and older and older), the iPod touch sales have dropped drastically and will likely never head back up. That said, it still does make for a nice portable gaming system for young children, and Apple have tweaked things in the lineup slightly. Read on…

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Costco Begins Selling iPhones and iPads Online at Sizable Discounts

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.59.59 PM

Just last week we told you that Costco had reached a new agreement with Apple that will see the company carrying iPhones, iPads and other Apple items. Now it looks like Costco is not only selling iPads and iPhones, but they’re doing so at some pretty steep discounts.  Read on…

Apple iPad Mini Photo Leak Shows Touch ID Feature

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 1.58.00 PM

The iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2 have had their fair share of leaks and rumors, now it’s the next gen iPad Mini to get its chance to take the rumor wheel for a turn. Read on…

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iWatch Reportedly Launching in October With Curved Display

apple iwatch

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple’s long-rumored wearable device will come in a variety of different screen sizes, dropping in October 2014. And we should expect the iWatch(es) to pack 10 sensors, which will at least in part act as health and fitness trackers, according to The Journal.

Read on…

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Review: Unread for iPad


There are plenty of ways people consume news on their devices. From social media apps, dedicated news apps, and apps like Flipboard. However, while an underdog and not mainstream, RSS is still my preferred method. It’s simple to use, quick to move through, and thankfully, even with Google Reader long gone, easy to setup using services like Feedly. The question after deciding to use Feedly or another like service it is, what app will you use to read the information it brings. Sure one could just use the service app, Feedly’s app is useable. That would be a mistake if you ask me though… Read on…

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Kinsa Smart Thermometer


I’m not going to lie…I’ve gotten a little in over my head with this whole tracking thing. From the Jawbone Up, FitBit, Nike Fuelband, various apps like Moves, Argus, and Nike+ Move, my daily activities are tracked well. Add in that I also have an Automatic Link for my car, which syncs to the Jawbone Up app, and my tracking goes even deeper. I’m just extremely interested in taking data from these trackers, and using apps like DayOne and TimeHop to compare my stats with things I did and see the results, and overall I feel good about what I find out. I’m always up for another metric though… Read on…

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iOS 8 Features Hidden ‘City Tours’ Flyover Feature

iOS 8 City Tours

An iOS developer, Pierre Blazquez, has successfully unlocked the “City Tours” feature Apple promised for iOS 8 Maps at this year’s WWDC. Read on…

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In Case You Missed It – 6/20/2014

In Case You Missed It
In Case You Missed It
There is always so much going on in the world of technology and Apple, that sometimes things fall between the cracks.
Here are a few stories I’d like to toss in your direction.
New or old, just in case you missed them.

Images of iPad Air 2 Dummy Units Surface

ipad air 2

Details concerning the iPad Air 2 have been few and far between with most leaked information focusing on the iPhone 6 and iWatch. That said, some rumored details have started trickling out.  Read on…

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iPhone 6 Rumored to Include Barometer and Air Pressure Sensors to Measure Weather


Apple’s iPhone already includes a variety of sensors like the camera, compass, gyroscope and accelerometer that let the device become aware of its surroundings. If new rumors are true, the iPhone 6 will become more capable on this front with a new built-in barometer and air pressure sensors.  Read on…

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