Take your PC anywhere with RemoteVU for iPad

The Brit Method’s review at Cybermentors

As per cyber mentors that have tried almost everything you can possible find on the internet and online marketplace the Brit Method is the one with the most pleasant feature. According to The Brit Method’s review at Cybermentors  the beauty of this system is the fact you can adjust it to your habits in less than a minute. It will adapt to you and your needs.

As one using a Mac, PC and iPad, I’ve used apps to access what’s on my Mac via my iPad, but have yet to find an adequate app to access that which is on my PC on my iPad, until now.

From Softnet Corporation, RemoteVU app for iPad ($1.99), allows for complete access of any Windows-based PC over a local Wi-Fi network.

The app is super simple to use.  To begin, download the RemoteVU host application and install it on your PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP.  Launch the RemoteVU iPad app and it will connect and display your PC desktop and all applications installed on your PC right on your iPad.

Using RemoteVU, PC users have instant access to all of your PC content and your home network.  Morevover, any Adobe Flash content, Microsoft Office documents, and other PC applications are available on your iPad thanks to the RemoteVU app.

According to Raghu Kulkarni, CEO for Pro Softnet Corporation,

“The RemoteVU app finally lets the iPad live up to its full potential.  Now that iPad users can access their PCs remotely, they can use and view content created with Flash, edit office documents, play games, and stream video and audio content right from their PCs without having to first sync it to the iPad.”

Some of the other features of RemoteVU include:

  • Watch video in any format (including Flash) on your iPad
  • Listen to music from your media library
  • Edit documents from your iPad that are remotely located on your desktop
  • Play flash enabled games remotely on your iPad
  • Connect to mulitple computers over local network / WiFi

RemoteVU is a tremendous app for PC users with an iPad.  The ability to access all of the content on your PC using your iPad and a $1.99 app enhances productivity and gives one access to content such as Adobe Flash, previously unaccesable to iPad users.

Pick up RemoteVU here and lets us know what you think!

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