U.S. President Barack Obama tethers BlackBerry to new iPad

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A noted BlackBerry addict, today it was revealed that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, is now carrying an iPad, tethering the device to his BlackBerry.

At a town hall meeting hosted by Jorge Ramos of Univision, Barack Obama indicated:

I took my BlackBerry off for this show, because I didn’t want it going off, and that would be really embarrassing. But usually I carry a BlackBerry around.

While Obama’s use of a BlackBerry is no surprise, a report from the Wall Street Journal, Ramos continued his technology line of questioning by asking the U.S. president if he owns an iPad.

I do have an iPad,” Obama answered, joking that he also has his own computer to the amusement of the audience.

“I mean, Jorge, I’m the president of the United States,” Obama said. “You think I’ve got to go borrow somebody’s computer? Hey, man, can I borrow your computer? How about you? You’ve got one?”

According to the story, Obama works tethers his iPad to his BlackBerry, although it’s unclear how the president utilizes the device.

News of the president’s use of the iPad follows reports that the U.S. military will begin testing field use of iPads, in addition to both the British House of Lords and U.S. House of Representatives opening each of their respective floors to iPad use.

While we don’t know what Obama uses his iPad for, how do you think he and other government officials may utilize the iPad?

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  • Kristinscaprice

    Obama uses it as a street navigator so he wont have to hire a street Tour Guide YA KNOW dont
    Wanna findthe HOTELs walking machines on the Blink!! Or at the bus stop to find out the bus schedules so as he can be outgoing and advise the others as to time efficient management of transportation! To follow his callers on microchip trailing via:maps!!! Ah as a walk talkie to his
    Wife to see where she is shopping as she is his TOP advisor on shopping!!andshopping trends!!
    To take pictures video as to be included in the Tax exempt documentary film category!! Ah..lets see
    He uses his iPad to be platonically intimate with new friends at same time not expose himself and not
    To get in a Monica LewinSKY situation!!good gracious.I am still trying to figure out what he USEs his
    IPAD 4 And 2 whom he communicates with and has his Facebook friendship??? Like high school
    Friends and buddies

  • Ladolcevita

    I do, tchrrrr! And you do too cause you re here commenting on an article about Mister President Barack Obama. So Respect!

  • Ladolcevita

    I do. Tchrrrrr

  • Tiffytay1969

    I think you do need to jail break I pad to tether them is that true?

  • Psmal8888

    Ok, how do you tether and IPAD 2 to a AT&T Blackberry without jailbreaking???

    Thank you

  • JimmyJames

    I was thinkin the same thing.

  • Daniel Martogi

    when ipad 2 arrive in indonesia???

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a crap about obama?