Review : Amplitube Fender for iPad

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Ive been using Amplitubes iPad applications for guitar/bass for months now, and I have to say Ive been impressed with each. However, I have to admit, I wasnt sure if the latest release, Amplitube Fender, would be worth it. I feared it was going to simply rehash and repackage various Fender amps and stomp boxes into a single app and sell it separately. Boy was I wrong. I shouldnt have misjudged them. This isnt a re-purposing. Its a re-imagining of the entire Fender line. And the folks at Fender were along for the ride every step of the way. They didnt just sign off on the name, but actually approved and took part in every aspect of the sound and output this application entails. A beautiful collaboration of two companies trying to bring an amazingly useful product to the masses.

With Amplitube Fender ($14.99) youll get all the aspects of previous Amplitube packages one would come to expect, Tuner, Stomp Boxes, Amps, Cabinets, and Rack Effects. The new stuff comes in the form of all the amazing Fender quality sounds built right init wont make you a better guitarist, Im enough proof of that, but it will make you sound superb. With this new version you get.

12 of the most influential guitar amps of all time
12 original matching cabinets
9 microphones
9 signature classic stomp effects
7 rack effects
2 Full configurable rigs with up to 32 simultaneous effects
Digital Tuner
And more

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This is a standalone application, and you need NOT have the other Amplitube apps installed or purchased to use it. However, you will need a way of connecting your guitar or bass to the iPad, and the iRig is just the thing.

If youre a fan of Fender, have used their guitars, used their amps, or simply wish you could?! Save yourself the money and get this app. Plug in your guitar with iRig, and away youll go.

I have my Fender Tele connected to the iPad with the iRig connector, which is held up using my microphone stand with iKlip supporting the iPad perfectly. This is an amazing product lineup and I have to say its changed how I play at home. Its easier for me to actually get my setup ready, and now with the new Fender Amplitube app, Im even closer to my perfect sound. Check it out.

For a more detailed run down check out the official page here.

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