Review : Intro to Math for the iPad

Trucs de Beaute – use tricks to stay beautiful

As French people like to say, if you want to look pretty you need to use tricks. If you are ugly, that means you are not talented enough. What are so called Trucs de Beaute? Knowing of your facial features and shape of your head is more than enough. Everything you do must be according to your possibilities and qualities.

Intro to Math ($4.99) is a mathematics application for the iPad created by Montessorium, the same company who created Intro to Letters, which I recently reviewed.

While Intro to Letters focuses on writing, Intro to Math focuses more on Math than it does writing numbers.  Users have 5 options to choose from to help study math, including a game of arranging blocks in number order based on size, order based on shaded sections, tracing numbers, number recognition, and finding the correct number of coins.

The app is for young children just learning to count and to use numbers for more than just regurgitation in order.

Students will learn the basics of math, understanding of numbers, units, sequence, evens and odds, and problem solving. These are the type of skills kids will need when moving through the early grades in school, and Intro to Math really helps prepare them for the task at hand.

My 5 year old started using the app and within days she had improved her math skills tremendously. The first day she was hesitant, made plenty of errors, and I had my doubts, but after just under a week she was able to get through most of the stages and thoroughly impressed me with her new found mathematical abilities.   Math is a dirty word for many, and there is a reason for it, its hard for kids, and things that are hard tend to lose their interest. Using games and apps can help solve this problem, and in our case nothing could be more true.

The app is universal and works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, meaning kids can take their learning on the go.  Nothing beats watching a kids face light up more than when they finally “get” it when it comes to educationand apps by Montessorium make it a cinch to provide the necessary tools for them to do just that.



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