Review : MagicWand for Mac

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Whats the MagicWand? Its a simple yet effective hardware add-on for your wireless Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad. It easily and nicely connects the two devices together, allows them to be moved together and used easily from a couch or chair…and even better, keeps them IN PLACE on the desk. No more hunting with your hand for the Magic Trackpad.

This is the type of add-on I would have expected from Apple. But just like always, where Apple falls short, Twelve South comes in and picks up the slack. They continue to produce high quality items that compliment Apple designs and fill a void left by various products. Be it iPad, Mac, etc. Each time Im wondering if they can live up, and each time Im impressed.

If youre unfamiliar with the Magic Trackpad, its simply a large trackpad like youd find on say a laptop. But its bigger and better. It allows users to perform various tasks without the use of an actual mouse, and even use multi-touch gesture type commands. In other words, its Apples way of introducing iPad like use to the Mac without actually introducing iOS into the Mac worldyet. Yet being the key word!

The MagicWand ($29.99) by TwelveSouth is one of the little things you dont know you miss until you have it, then you wonder how you lived without it. It just works! Its just what anyone with the setup of wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad needs.

Its a cinch to install, takes about 30 seconds. Has nice little anti-slip feet on it to keep things in place on a desk, and is sturdy enough to let you carry your two devices as one around to a different location. The accessory can even be installed on either side of the keyboard. Perhaps you use the Magic Trackpad as a mouse replacement. Perfect! Perhaps you use it on the left side in CONJUNCTION with the mouse, to make your experience even better. Again, perfection. This is one of my favorite accessories, I had to share!!! Check it out!The design itself is great, doesnt look out of place at all, as its perfectly streamlined to fit these two devices. If I didnt know better Id say it was made BY Apple, but again, its not. Twelve South just do what they do, continue to impress with their products.


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