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Review : Photo Transfer App for iPad and iPhone

Picture this, an app for your iPad and iPhone that allows you to transfer your photos to and from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or your Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer.  Sounds orbital does it not?  Photo Transfer, a $2.99 app, does just that, allowing one to transfer photos from device to device through a WiFi connection without requiring any added cables or software.

To begin using Photo Transfer, download the app from the App Store (here), add the app to your iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch by syncing your respective device(s) using iTunes, and once complete you are ready to start transferring your photographs to and from your devices.

Among some of the more grand features of this app are:
– The ability to exchange photos between multiple iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch devices.
– The ability to transfer up to 50 photographs at one time from your computer to iPad.
– The ability to view slideshows of your photographs using your computer’s web browser.
– Extremely fast photo transfer between devices.

After installing the app on my iPhone 3G and iPad, I tested the speed of Photo Transfer from both devices to my Mac, and from my Mac to both my iPhone and iPad.  Transfer of photos was not only easier than expected, but also faster than I thought possible. Regardless of the device I transferred photos to and from and the number of photos transferred, the amount of time to complete transfer averaged less than 1.5 seconds per photo.  Extremely fast indeed.

I found the app’s design simplistic in the very best sense of the word, the UI extremely easy to understand, and should one have any trouble with remembering exactly how to transfer photos, the app smartly features a built-in help section, ‘Select,’ to provide one with step-by-step instructions for photo transfer.  For those that need more assistance when using Photo Transfer, the companion site for the app offers a tremendous amount of written, photographic and video resources (links to video demonstrations included below), making the $2.99 price tag seem even more like a bargain thanks to the online support available to users, ensuring that even the most novice electronic device user can comfortably use the app.

While I wait on (and now wonder if I need it thanks to Photo Transfer) the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit I ordered 3 weeks ago, at a price of $29.99, Photo Transfer will be the method I choose to transfer photos to and from my iPad along with all of my other Apple-branded devices, quickly and wirelessly.

Photo Transfer is a fantastic app, will be one I recommend to anyone I know, and one I am extremely proud to say I am not only the owner of, but will continue to use time and time again.

If you have used Photo Transfer, share your experiences with us and if you have yet to use the app, will you give it a spin?

More Videos (YouTube):
iPhone to iPad Photo Transfer
iPhone to Computer Photo Transfer

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  • Andrew

    How does it stack up compared to Copytrans photo?

  • Jamesmbgordon

    The main problem seems to be that the photos are out of order in the saved folder album????

  • Lwbest0623

    Cool app. If I also buy the app for my wifes ipad can we use the app to move albums from ipad to ipad? Thankd

  • http://www.sortshots.com/ andykeating

    hey i think transferring only 50 pics is very less..still will advice my friend to grab this app..by the way i would still like to wait for the next version ipad which will have a camera..and for transferring will go for your app..thanx..

  • Applgasm-Apps

    iAlbum was just released yesterday on the App Store. It’s a really cool looking virtual photo album that pretty much looks and works just like a real photo album. It comes with a beautiful cover, realistic page turns, linen looking album pages, and even photo corners. You turn pages by just swiping your finger. You can move, size, and rotate your photos too.

    It’s a great alternative to the mostly “sterile” photo apps out there. A terrific way to display and share your photos in their best light.

    iAlbum is at http://www.applgasm-apps.com/ialbum/

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  • http://blog.adamsbros.org Trenton D. Adams

    limiting to 50 photos is a disadvantage, not an advantage, but I like the app either way.

  • jeffcormier

    Glad you like the app! I use it all the time now. Great, great, great app.

    Thanks for reading our articles!


  • jeffcormier

    If you sync from your iPhoto library you can create an album of only the pics you want. Then with the iPad connected select it from the iTunes sidebar and click on the Photos tab. Select the second option, “Selected albums ….” The album list will appear. Locate the album you just made and check it.

    If you are synching from a folder of pictures, then make a new folder that only contains the pics you want synced. Then choose that folder in iTunes-Photos as the folder to sync.

    Otherwise from within the iPad, Go into Photos (not Album), Click the upper right icon arrow next to Slideshow, Select The Photos to Delete, Press Delete.

    Hope that helps and thanks for reading our articles!


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  • http://twitter.com/echamussy echamussy

    Hello, I'm the developer of Photo Transfer App. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments: info [at] phototransferapp [dot] com

    @Marek, the photos transferred are placed under the 'Saved photos' album. Unfortunately placing photos in a different albums is currently not possible. Believe me, we would love to be able to fix this, even for our own use. However, with the current version of the iPhone/iPad SDK is not possible.

    'Almighty' Apple does not provide an approved way to save photos to a new album or even to create one. We are limited with the access that Apple gives developers to the iPhone/iPad photos and it is currently very restricted :(  The good news is that iPhone OS 4.0 may allow this as it provides many more API's to manipulate photos.

    Send me an email if you have any other question. I will be glad to hear your questions/comments.

  • KC

    This is a great application, thanks for the review. This will come in handy!

  • Mike

    How do I delete some photo's on my iPad?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lutonsky Marek Lutonský

    What about folders? Can I choose where the uploaded pictures appear in iPad?

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