Review : Snow Globes 3D Interactive Storybook for iPad

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 Snow Globes 3D ($2.99) is a nice little holiday app for kids. The app takes the idea of a snow globe and transforms it to the iPad and adds a short interactive story as well.

From New York City’s amazing Christmas tree (that kids light up), to hidden animals, flying with Santa to deliver presents, and a family of snowmen, kids can visit and interact with the story when not twisting and turning the iPad to make the snowflakes fall in different directions.

Users can turn the narration of the story on or off, can use the auto-play function if needed, and can enjoy a nice story and interactive app together on the floor in front of the fireplace during a cold winter night. But not too close. The app is usable in 2D but really shines in 3D with the red-cyan glasses which make the images pop! My kids have loved the 3D renditions of other apps, and this one was no different, as they “ohhhhed” and “ahhhhed” at the images and animations.

There isn’t a ton of things one can say about an app like this, it does what it’s a Snow Globe storybook, that is interactive and even in 3D. While it may not be the best app for adults, the kids sure loved it, and for me that’s what’s important this time year. My kids enjoyed interacting with the story, making the snowflakes move, and listening to the narration, without any help from me. While some disagree with letting little children use the iPad alone, I find putting technology in their hands early can only help them become interested in it, and if that translates into using it for education, or storybooks (as is the case here), I’m all in.

My only real wish is that the snow globes actually worked more like real snow globesin that I could shake the iPad and then look at the screen to find snow flakes EVERYWHERE. That’s what I do with actual snow globes and was a little disappointed to find that wasn’t the case here. That said, Snow Globes 3D is a fun little interactive storybook for kids, and a great holiday app this Christmas.

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