LeapDoc: The Ultimate Document Management App for iOS Devices

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LeapDoc for iPad

There are numerous document management and viewing apps for both the Apple iPad and iPhone for download from the iTunes App Store.  None are as feature-rich, dead simple to use and worth jumping (pun intended) at one’s first opportunity to purchase, as is LeapDoc.

iOS devices are a splendid method for reading documents.  LeapDoc enhances this feature of the iPad and iPhone with a super easy method of getting documents in any format to your device by  instantly pushing files from your computer to your device without the need to email, sync, or do so using a WiFi connection.

Moreover, with LeapDoc, pressing print on a MAC or PC, automatically converts files to a PDF format before pushing them to your iPad and/or iPhone!

Additional features of LeapDoc include:

  • Instant Push Alerts; no syncing, wires or Wifi needed
  • Push common file types from the desktop app to your device with drag & drop and Push common file types from the web to your device

  • No extra costs; the print app for your desktop is free
  • Read offline; documents are stored on your device
  • Ability to read Text files, Project plans, Graphic design files, Desktop publishing docs, Databases and thousands of other common file types.



  • E-mail documents from within the app or Open documents in other mobile apps with “Open In…”


There’s more, one can visit LeapDoc.com to push common file types to your device when you’re away from your iPad or iPhone!

LeapDoc is a productivity, paper, and hassle saver.  With LeapDoc you can now read anything, anywhere, anytime thanks to a wonderfully designed, easy-to-use, feature-rich, app.

Pick up LeapDoc and let us know what you think!

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  • Tchap44

    Sounds good, Jeff.  I’d love to see how you would compare LeapDocs and Alfons Schmid’s Notebooks (alfonsschmid.com).


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