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Review : Numbytes – Math Game for iPad

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While my kids use the iPad for games just like most other kids, they also enjoy using it for storybook apps and educational applications as well. One of the great things about the iPad and the App Store is the abundance of great learning apps for kids that make learning fun. Especially Math. Numbytes is a new app we’ve tried and have found to be pretty impressive.

The app is comprised of three playing modes, “train, test, and tug of war”. In the “Training” mode users work through 6 levels that focus on addition skills. After completing the training mode users unlock the testing mode. In “Testing” mode users answer addition problems using the calculator and now have to worry about speed. The third and final mode is a multi-player problem solving game called “Tug of War”. Users are presented with a problem and each use a side of the iPad to answer them faster than their opponent.

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What Numbytes does well, aside from presenting math problems for kids to work through, is presenting them in a fun and kid-friendly way. Kids don’t realize it’s “educational” in the normal sense because of the characters in each problem. They’re little “math monsters”, aren’t scary, and provide just enough visual appear to keep kids entertained. Add in really great music and fun graphics, and this first installment really keeps the attention of younger kids.

My two little girls (ages 5 and 7) loved it. They each worked through the train and test modes, and attempted the multi-player mode, but, the age difference and educational difference really showed itself when they went up against each other. So, it would be best to use this mode with kids in the same grade or class.

Overall Numbytes is a great little math learning app, that focuses on addition for the time-being…but they have said that subtraction is coming. I can’t wait for that, so I can keep the learning fun going with Numbytes.

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