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Toca Tailor Fairy Tales Out Now – Free

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Toca Boca are a staple app developer for the iPad when it comes to children’s apps. They’ve carved out a huge market in this area and by the looks of things they’re not slowing down. I recently reviewed their app Toca Tailor, where kids have the ability to play “dress up” with characters using preset fabrics and accessories, but can also use the camera to take pictures of items around the house to act as “fabric”.  It was another top-notch release, my kids love it, and use it regularly.

Now Toca Boca have taken the idea behind Toca Tailor and created a themed version called Toca Tailor Fairy Tales. It has all the same basic abilities of the original, but features two fairy-tale like characters that kids can style with 18 fairy-tale themed accessories. They still have the ability to mix and match and create fabulous and outrageous outfits that will have them laughing it up for hours, but they’ve made it a little more cohesive for the fairy theme. Also included in this release is the same ability to use the camera to create fabric choices from around the house, as well as to take background shots that make the character appear to be part of the surroundings. This is what my kids love more than anything about these two “tailor” apps.

The catch here is that Toca Tailor Fairy Tales is FREE. This is huge news for many who have been putting off getting the original and want to get a real taste for what the app is all about. And for those who already have it, well, my kids like using this one as much as the original, so there is no reason to skip it…have both!

Once again, Toca Boca have created an app that is full of fun and surprises for kids…I hope they keep it up, my kids simply love their apps, and always get excited when the opening sequence starts….”Toca Boca”.

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