Survey shows those that want a tablet want an iPad

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Apple iPad 2 is now available and according to a new survey, the majority of those that want a tablet want an iPad.

The survey and accompanying charts, from research group ChangeWave, asked 3,091 consumers questions including:  tablet device purchase plans, customer satisfaction, preference for wireless services for tablets.

The first chart concerns responses from those surveyed when asked which tablet device they planned on purchasing.  The iPad is the clear leader with 82 percent saying they planned on purchasing a tablet, with the new Motorola XOOM only garnering 4 percent, making it the iPads closest competition.

The second chart demonstrates how satisfied iPad owners are with their device.  70 percent are very satisfied, 25 percent are somewhat satisfied, with those that are not satisfied making up a tremendously small amount.

Finally, those considering purchasing the iPad were asked what, if any, wireless service provider they would use for their 3G iPad and where they would purchase an iPad.  Those providing answers indicated they would purchase the WiFi version of the iPad and would do so from Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target.

One interesting point to note is that the survey was conducted prior to the announcement of iPad 2. Something to look forward to is follow-up research after iPad 2 has been out for some time and when other tablet options are available to consumers.

Are you surprised by the dominance of iPad compared to other tablets?  Do you think with the release of iPad 2, Apples tablet market share will grow or will it shrink, and if it will shrink, what factors will lead to such a decline?

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  • Trishya

    Not so surprisingly, I am one of those maniacs, who want a tablet for no reason and want an iPad.. nothing else.. because everything else just suks!

  • Germain

    Not surprised. One of the brilliant aspects is that customers now have a real choice between ipad1 and ipad2. Many might like the now lower priced ipad1 to use as a basic tablet e mail, e reader etc. In addition when the ipad forst came out many folks were in a wait and see mode and by the time they decided yea they figured might as well wait till ipad2 comes out. Now they are jumping in. In my opinion this launch will be the dawning of the age of the tablet.

  • Lalaz

    talk about 2nd level: manipulating data wont work for ipads, but the user friendliness outguns any other tablets hands down. hmmmmph=/

  • Reza Shookhcheshm

    JUST PERFECT LIKE THe other APPLE products

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  • Macdemon

    As an iMac user & an iPhone4 owner, the logical (and ONLY real choice) has to be the iPad2.

    As far as Im cornered nothing else cuts the mustard so to speak
    This is because of Apple being industry leaders in this field, innovation, design & specification.

    Also, the apps store & MobileMe for syncing.

    Apple seems to set the benchmark everyone else steps up to.

    What was there before the 1st generation iPhone came along?? Tired looking phones that looked dull and had no features. Apple changed all that.