Parents generally feel that their children are not as careful with money as they are. It is common to see children being admonished about their spending habits and lack of financial planning. But it is not always the fault of the children. Sometimes the parents are at fault. The financial education and lessons on money handling should start when the children are very young. It seems a bit daunting and one may wonder how to teach young kids about money. If you want your children to be smart about their finances then the lessons should start early. Even if you were never good with your finances, it does not mean that you don’t pass on some valuable advice to your kids. You don’t have to be perfect to teach, you just have to be aware.  Try including your kids in money conversations. You don’t need to show them your passbooks or bills but talk about budgeting, saving and spending in front of the children. Instead of sitting them down and giving them lectures about money, it is better to use the daily happenings and turn them into examples.  Going for grocery shopping with young kids can be a nightmare. Turn it into something positive by talking to them about choices and talk about trade-offs and discounts. Using coupons will tell them about saving money on something to spend on something else. If you make a list and follow it, that will teach them to be more organized.

Teach them to set a goal by setting up an account. Start putting some money regularly and encourage them to also do the same. Ask them to set a goal, something big which they really want. This will teach them to think long term instead of short term. Every time you are traveling with your kids, there is an opportunity to give them examples of how to handle money. Saving money is important, and letting kids know that it is possible to save with a little bit of careful calculation is also important. There are many young kids who think ATM are magical machines which give you money whenever you want. Make sure your children start to understand money matters before it’s too late. By the time they are young adults, teach them about different ways they can make some money. Online trading is a good option. Find more on this automated trading platform. It is ideal for young people who are trading for the first time. The program will help and guide and suggest possible moves. Most importantly, make sure that your children don’t grow up totally unaware of their finances.