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How To: Workaround iPad Wi-Fi Issues

The Wi-Fi version of the iPad continues to experience connectivity issues.  The problems experienced most often by owners appear to be the following:  1. Failure to rejoin a known network when waking from sleep mode,  2. Weak signal total lack of signal despite being within close proximity to router, and 3. Disrupted streaming video even when Wi-Fi signal is strong and other iPad applications are working without issue.

Initially Apple failed to acknowledge the issue, but that changed recently with Apple admitting there is a Wi-Fi connection issue with “a very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity.”  The company goes on to say, “Apple will address [this] with a future iPad software update.”  Until Apple updates their software to address Wi-Fi connection issues, here are options of how to correct the problem on your own.

Adjust Screen Brightness

Not a joke.  Seriously.  For some iPad owners, increasing screen brightness prevents the failure to reconnect after waking from sleep. According to Apple, “If brightness is at lowest level, increase it by moving the slider to the right and set auto brightness to off.”

Update Router’s Firmware

Ensure that you have the latest version of the firmware for your router installed so that it is operating at full capability prior to connecting your iPad to a home network.

Program Router To Operate Only On One 802.11 Standard

Set your router to operate solely on the greatest standard available, most routers can now operate on 802.11n, but a, b, and g, doing the same with the wireless devices on your network. The Wi-Fi iPad arrives with support for 802.11n, so if possible, set your router to match that standard.

Modify Router Security Encryption

If you have either WPA/WPA2 encryption or WEP currently deployed in your home network, switch to an alternative encryption setting which may correct your connection issues.

Give Your Networks a Different Name

This one comes straight from Apple, “Create separate Wi-Fi network names to identify each band. This can be done easily by appending one or more characters to the current network name. Example: Add a G to the 802.11b/g network name and an N to the 802.11n network name.”  Odd, but it may work for you.

Have you experienced iPad Wi-Fi connectivity issues?  Have you tried any of the solutions above, or did another solution work for you?

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  • Rafael Nieves

    A MAC address is a unique address all manufacturers give network devices. Some wireless access points and routers allow you to configure network security using this ID. You can usually find MAC addresses on stickers on the bottom of devices or in the case of some phones and tablets within the settings menu under properties or about, etc. It’ll usually be listed in this format: MAC: 340804014E32

    This is one way to secure your network and only allow specific devices to access it. Granted there are ways to spoof MAC addresses so it is not fool-proof.

  • SOS

    what is “MAC address security”. Can you explain step-by-step for this “not so techie”?

  • RB

    I now have an Ipad Air and it has wifi issues…only at work. I have an Apple Extreme router at home and have no issues. I had a 3rd gen ipad wifi only that also had connectivity issues. Again, only at my workplace. None of the ‘solutions’ have worked for me.

  • Todd

    I have 3 iPads(2) and and 2 iPhones. I only have wifi issues with one of the iPads and it works perfectly with a super strong signal. Example- when I take to the apple store, they don’t see the issue and claim there isn’t one. But typically, as I sit here now, my iPhone picks up several networks to choose from and the ipad doesn’t see any of them. I have tried everything listed here plus more. It is not every router…it is my ipad. Any help or where to find it would be appreciated. Other than this, the ipad is amazing. Just disappointed…

  • sidvista

    we have two ipads. one works on wi fi and one works only right next to the router. we hope they have a fix soon. we tried the brightness etc and i have no clue how to change router settings. good site. thanks

  • John Brown

    Weird. That brightness thing actually worked with my intermittent connection at a local McDonald’s. Thanks.

  • Ron

    The router is not the issue with my ipad wifi signal strength because none of the other wireless devices are having issues without changing the router config/settings and the ipad wifi signal strength is weak regardless of the wifi device it connects to. I’m sure this is the case for many others.

  • Aaron L

    Ive had my ipad 4th gen four about 3 months at the start it was fantastic but in the last few weeks it just drops connection when im on youtube and it dosent reconnet itself so i have to manually do it if anyone has any tips on how i could fix this it would be greatly appreciated ! :)

  • TeresaDF

    Wow, I changed my router to ch6 and it fixed my iPad problem right away! Now I don’t have to put in my ridiculous password every time I need to log back on to the network! Thank you for posting these tips!

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  • John

    I bought my 64GB 3G iPad while on vacation in the USA – I had to buy it from an ebay seller, as the Apple stores were all out. I have had NO problems with wifi at all (owned it 3 weeks now), it connects just as easily as any of my iPhones, I don't see what the issue is. I am totally happy, and the 3G works extremely well.

    John, South Africa

  • mdeathstar

    Thanks for the tips. I'll try the brightness tip and see if it helps. I hope they fix this soon.

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  • Frank Hamm

    I have severe problems (no reconnects, fluctuating signal strength or no signal at all) connecting to Wi-Fi on different locations. At home I configured my router to only use 802.11b/g network and I now get quite stable but very slow connection. Apples hint to use different passwords for different protocols is not very helpful as only few routers seem to support that AFAIK. At home I have almost 15 devices connected to my router, none of them incl. router older than 2 yrs – only my iPad has problems :-(

    Apple support in Germany refuses to support iPad before end of this week although they already shipped some. They even told me they don't know about that issue. Contacting US support didn't work because website dropped me the same error every time I tried to send their form. When calling their support in US from Germany my call doesn't go through when the system connects me to an iPad advisor. So I have to wait until official launch in Germany although Apple support website links to international phone number.

  • Tay M

    Thanks for the effort. I'll try the brightness trick . The others do not work for me. I have an iPhone, 2 Pcs, a laptop and a TV that all work off my router. The iPad needs a fix. I know enough frustrated iPad users that love their iPad but hate the connectivity problem. It drops off frequently even in the room with the router.

  • Matt Wrigley

    if apple knows they have a problem then give us the update now why wait

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  • john browning

    I solved my issue by using MAC address security rather than password security. Had issues at my office where there were multiple networks showing, and now i'm having no connection issues.

  • KC

    Great article, I have had some issues. It depends on where I am, but this is great!

  • KC

    Great article, I have had some issues. It depends on where I am, but this is great!

  • Thomas rhodes

    Mines been fine…..

  • Thomas rhodes

    Mines been fine…..

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