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What Is Going On With The iPad 2 Screen?


The iPad 2 is finally here.  It is thinner, lighter, faster, and more powerful than the first iPad.  Overall it is a joy to hold and use.  But not everyone is happy.  A growing number of iPad 2 users are reporting what appears to be yellowish discoloration around the edges of the iPad 2 screen.

What is causing this?

At the moment there are two theories.  The first is that Apple rushed the iPad 2 to market and the glue used to bond the screen to the iPad 2’s glass has not completely dried yet causing the discoloration.  Apparently this happened with the iPhone 4 when it was first released and after a few days the problems literally disappeared.

The other theory is that there is a manufacturing defect causing light from the LEDs surrounding the iPad 2 screen to leak over into the viewing area.  I have actually seen this happen in some edge lit LED TVs and heard this referred to as “the flashlight effect” as it looks like tiny flashlights are shining from the edges of the display.

How do you know if you have an iPad 2 that is effected?

There is an easy test to see if your iPad 2 has this issue.  You will need to look at a black screen.  Either download an all black image or just open up Safari and go to the view where you can choose between multiple web pages with no pages open. Then turn the brightness all the way up and turn your lights all the way down.  If your iPad 2 suffers from this you should be able to clearly see a yellowish discoloration around the edges of your iPad 2.

Since this issue may not be seen under most normal use, I have a feeling there are quite a few people who have iPad 2s with this problem but just have not noticed it yet.  For some it will not be a big deal, while it will surely drive others crazy.

Oh no, I have a bad iPad 2.  What should I do?

Contact Apple.  Apple has excellent customer service and they will help you get a new iPad 2.  I personally noticed this problem on my first iPad 2 and Apple exchanged mine for a second iPad 2.  Unfortunately, the problem is also apparent on my second iPad 2.  At this point I am just going to wait a few days and see if it goes away.  Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon as it is really the only thing detracting from an otherwise amazing product.

Are you experiencing this issue with your iPad 2?  Let us know.


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Lorne Lakin is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and a Producer for HSN in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Lorne has worked in the TV / Electronics industry for the past 13 years.Prior to working for HSN, Lorne spent 5 years at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. When not talking obsessively about the iPad, Lorne enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and dog Cooper.


  • Kummaraganti

    The same problem is with my ipad2 which I bought 5 months ago, I don’t know whether I wait or to go for an exchange if they want to exchange. Is it really a problem that results in loss of quality performance in future?

  • Spj5555

     Alknowing you are a douche bag!!!!!

  • Spj5555

    Yes. my wife bought an iPad2 to about 3 months ago and now it is having problems with e-mail going blank and when you type it acts strangely. 

  • abc123

    I’ve exchanged the ipad 5 times,

    all have had the problem,

    best to just wait till the problem is resolved

  • Andries_tieleman

    My iPad2 developed a red haze on the screen after 3 weeks. It seems that the color red of the screen fluactutes in brightness causing this issue. Since  it got worse day by day I returned it to the Apple store for repair. Waiting again for 2 weeks now after the month wait for the delivery.

  • Sdreid066


  • Sdreid066

    Mine had the same problem brought mine from best buy they told me I had to call Apple I just rwturn mine for the first one and I will wait on the second shipment and then just maybe then I will get the iPad2

  • Ski_princess22

    I have one that is perfect so far. Had it at 5:02pm, just after the release.

  • Alknowing

    1. @ author: the word is “affected”. Please run a grammar check before posting live.

    2. Magnets cannot cause this issue on an LCD. [sigh] Please stop referencing magnets.

    3. The problem will not diminish with time.

    4. Problems of this nature occur due uneven backlighting, likely caused by uneven screen bonding/retention. Not unique to Ipad, but certainly a problem on it.

    5. Has anyone found an iPad WITHOUT this problem?

  • Oujasrazdanfrmbnglre

    i wanna fuck ipad 2 in its ass………..

  • ieatpussy

    ur ma se poes

  • UR MOM


  • MrMerk

    I have an iPad 2 and it also has this awful yellowish tint on the screen. I bought mine from Walmart. Now that you say I can take it to apple for an exchange, I am surely going to do just that tomorrow.

  • Ipad2wner

    It will not go away, and it is not the light leak. It is because of bad assembly, and the iPad 2 is too thin. The LCD screen is too compressed that it appears to give faulty color just as similar as you pressing your fingers against any LCD screens. Don’t believe me ? Press your finger against that edge and you shall see the yellow light become more bright….that is the indication of an LCD screen being compressed too much.

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    its almost a week now since the realse so did this discoloration go away or not yet?

  • Stefannbabes

    dis1974 which best buy did you call because i called all over and they said they dont have any

    Read more:

  • Stefannbabes

    dis1974 which best buy did you call because i called all over and they said they dont have any

  • ifuckUsuck

    If your pretty you should call me instead :) I work for apple but if not then sorry…

  • Dis1974

    My new Ipad 2 has a bad pixel, it is driving me crazy!!! Best Buy said they will replace when they get more stock but have no idea when they will have a new supply. Best Busy will not hold one for me unless I call and they happen to have a shipment in. I am very bummed!

  • Pi1361

    ARE YOU CRAZY?????

    Tube TV’s do this because magnets are used to control the output of electrons from an electron gun. They alter the course and cause them to hit each pixel one at a time. If you hold a magnet up to the screen you will again alter the course of the electrons so they don’t hit the correct pixel. LCD screens do not use magnets so it will not alter the screen image (try this with any LCD screen, it doesn’t happen).

  • Guest

    Put a magnet against a tube television nd u shall recieve the same results . I’m pretty sure it’s the magnets built in the device which was put there for the smart case… Doesnt bother me tho and is not really that noticeable…p.s I love the smart case and iPad 2

  • guest

    What if you’re not a US resident and you face this issue with the ipad2 … will Apple return my ipad?? I was planning on buying one from the US but I don’t live in the US hence I don;t know how to return it or if they will return it for me in case that issue appeared! Now I’m hesitent abouy buying one! :/

  • Email Address

    Don’t panic. I noticed this with my late manufactured iPad 1. The light leakage dissipated in a week. The advise about laying the iPad face down (I have the cover) is not a bad idea. I will try that during charges. It was severe the first night, but it seems to be diminishing.

  • Usamultimedia

    I have a 32bg wifi IPAD2 from Walmart. No discoloration yet.

  • BurksMc

    Wow, I just read your article and said to myself ” everyone has the crazy new problems but I never have them, so I probably should worry” Well that must have been my ego, thinking my new beautiful iPad 2 is “perfect” and I am so careful with it, but I am sadly disappointed to raise my hand too and say “awe crap, there is yellow smudges on my screen just like he mentioned” I will say that I would have NEVER noticed, and as bad as indo not want to spend ANY time away from my iPad, or spend $75 driving to the closest apple store, I do want an iPad 2 that does not have any flaws (especially 2 days in to the relationship)

  • Eva Eva

    ugh mine’s doing that too… :(
    so should I wait a few days before I call Apple?

  • Lorne

    Thanks Jonathan. I hope it just goes away as you say. My OCD is making me nuts about this.

  • sjcpilot

    The picture above shows exactly what my iPad 2 is doing. Lights all over the place, I have never seen so much light leakage on an Apple display before. I hope this does go away.

  • Jonathan Norman

    I noticed this the night I got the iPad…but also knew of the reasons behind it and by night 2, all was well. I am sure the time frame for it going away is dictated by WHEN your particular iPad was produced. If it doesn’t go away, take it back and exchange it….but if past occurrences prove right, it goes away on it’s own. One big Apple guru told me last year that leaving it facedown on a towel or in a case overnight helps…not sure how true that is, but I know that is the same as with installing an invisible shield, so, maybe.

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